Today I am feeling exhilaration. No reason. Lots of reasons. Everyday life. Or maybe due to yesterday’s full Moon exactly on my natal Sun.

We made a trip out to Spain last week for three days to meet one of the current partners in Hugo’s Organics and a second soon-to-be partner. Business-wise that trip was great. It was good to be there. Things moved forward. It was good to see and touch the land from a Hugo’s perspective, but there was more for me. There was a highlighted walk up the hill to the top, where the puppies walked in procession with me the whole way up, and at the top there was a connection with the energy I label as Sanat Kumara, and then a connection made to the center of the Earth and then to our Glastonbury home. It felt significant.

I heard myself talking to Carol on that trip, and heard a new level of knowing and certainty around bringing in this Golden Age within myself. That gave me joy. I was able to articulate where I felt stuck in my ability to create. I don’t have a story yet. I don’t have a way to share it with others. I have the frequency (or the beginnings of it, yet to be refined.) But I held a stuck point around how to inspire others. People are very quick to engage life force energy around a cause – a war, a crisis, something someone is doing wrong. But that is not the energy of a Golden Age. Yet a Golden Age needs the life force energy to be flowed powerfully. It is not, in my view, nirvana.

The next day, back at home in an Astrology class, I heard that a healthy, balanced Mars is one that is in service to Venus. Venus archetype is what draws us together, it is about the relationship. Mars is the life force energy. On a micro scale, Mars/sex should be in service to Venus/relationship to create. On a macro scale, or to create a Golden Age, we need a story where the life force energy is drawn upon in service to the love frequency, or the expression of Venus, however we wish to label that. So, I am closer to being able to create my story in that I no longer feel stuck. I see why I was. I see the archetypal energy to work with. And I see the way I wish to create.

My Astrology group is one in which this flow, this power, this love radiates very strongly within me and is noticeable and reflected back very strongly by others. It has become tangible enough that I have better attuned to it and can create it myself now, instead just allowing it to flow when it wants to, or whatever sparked it before.

I still feel like I now have a Midas touch. I feel a solid energy behind Hugo’s Organics, and one could say we don’t know how successful it will be or if it will be, but I don’t actually feel that within me. I just think I am supposed to say that because it has not played out yet in the physical. But I think I feel the energy underlying it. This is also the first experience in my life where I have had the thought a couple times that my choice of what I touch, who I touch, where I touch makes a difference in the outcome. I have come such a long, long way from the belief that I did not matter.

And today Rick had some ideas land on expanding the software business yet again that I could feel this underlying energy behind it again. I can feel the momentum. I can feel the potency. I think that we have built some self-sustaining patterns / structures – consciously – so they are now ones that we actually want. There is now significant energy stored, shall we say, and continuing to accumulate, that I can tap into that flow of energy at any time and transform it into active energy to manifest what I want. And the amount of energy available is not only replenished immediately, the power available is growing. I feel it. I know it.

I have felt my potency growing for some time now. But with this new understanding of the accumulation of it, the momentum behind it, the self-reinforcing I remember building in, I am beginning to see the opportunity to engage in more actively far-reaching goals – such as what I have been labeling Golden Age.

The next step seems to be: how can take what I have achieved and offer it to others in a way that accelerates them to what they are reaching for? Or if they want, where they can access this, what I am labeling, love frequency, to be able to attune to it and to bring these energies through. Many things excite me now. I have found my path.

When I first asked. I don’t remember the question anymore. I remember I was walking a labyrinth on a women’s retreat. I received two words. Power and beauty. There actually was something about perfection in that day also. But in the moment that brought it in just now, I was feeling this power, just a glimpse of it able to get to me back then, and how far that has evolved. What magnificence.