We were reading a book last night. We were brought to the “Far Underworld”, a place deep within the Earth, and were presented a perspective on fire; fire being the heat that “cooks” every form into existence. Maybe it can be viewed as the cauldron.

In this case, it was presented as going down the ladder into the Earth or Lowness took one into might. And going up the ladder into Highness, took one into consciousness. Of course, if you go low enough you reach Highness, and if you go high enough you reach Lowness. So, they are not exclusive. But in this presentation, the suggestion was that the frailty of the human body was dependent on the lack of fire the human being can hold.

A compost pile, or rather the heat within a compost pile, is the closest we get on the surface of the Earth to this fire of the Underworlds. Compost piles show the chaos, or the breakdown of one form into a substance that is life-giving. It was suggested that if a human being could increase their own ability to hold fire, they could increase the heat in compost piles closer to the core of the Earth creation levels, and our nutrition would change, and our plants and flowers and fruits would change.

Back in 2014, when we were playing a bit with the elements or elementals, we had a session where we were told:

“There is a particular elemental energy that is being gently introduced from the root chakra upwards. This is the element of fire. The appropriate use of this element is going to boost your creativity, perhaps rephrase that to boost the power of that creativity. It is appropriate that this fire be held within the body. Yet this needs to be addressed in a gentle and caring way. This fire has not been present in bodies for some time.”

It was not obvious to me that this fire has not been present in bodies for some time. There are many references we have with fire and using the fire within us, or feeling the fire within us. Fire is linked with anger, or passion, or creativity, or sexuality. This is nothing new. We know that Spirit is imbued with the power of fire, the light of fire. And we can shine brightly with this power. Or do we?

Maybe we have only held an aspect of it. I often go back to the word “ease.” As we played in Mastering Alchemy, I recognized that when I started the classes, I understood what ease was, and felt “at ease.” But as we raised our consciousness, I was aware my definition and understanding of what ease could be shifted. I could use the same word, but it had a different meaning. Maybe fire is the same thing. “This fire” means a certain level of fire, not all fire.

Before we went to Hawaii, we were pointed to the fire element. With the lava flows, it is possible to connect with Mother Earth and her fires in a deeper way there.  “The fire element, if taken into your aura, into your unified field, you allow that energy to enter into your unified field. If you can establish the vibration of it, if you can feel the vibration of it, and then hold and maintain that within your field, then you will have access to a much-heightened level of power. This will be felt by people around you.”

As we were discussing empowerment earlier, from the perspective of Spirit providing empowerment through upliftment, engagement, enthusiasm, or a willingness to step up tot next level. This is often done through books we read, or people we talk to or listen to. But there comes a point in this process of empowerment, where this fire of empowerment is simply within us. It becomes part of our normal consciousness. It is a fire that is always lit, and we can turn it up or down as desired. We no longer need an external force to empower us. Upliftment or empowerment is being or has been provided to bring it to a certain level where it becomes self-sustaining. It is as though the fire of your spirit becomes sufficiently strong that it grows its own flame, its own clarity.

And I have to laugh. After reading that book last night, I was playing with fire thoughts today, obviously. The words “initiations of fire” came to me. How are we initiated by fire or into fire in this day? I think it is more than allowing oneself to walk over hot coals, but maybe that is a start. And I question the – do we already have it and there is nothing to really do? Or is it something to reach for? And, as usual, the answer is “Yes.” We are always starting anew. There are always new levels and new perspectives. And there is ALWAYS such precision and perfection from our Spiritual friends and colleagues, or guides, if you like.

I just came across this excerpt from the Order of the Magdalene, or the Voice of the Magdalene:

“And therefore, as we turn our attention to dear Marybeth’s energy, our attention moves more to the structure that has held that stability in place. We work with you, with your permission, to soften this structure, to allow this both more raw and in some ways more refined level of energy to flow through your being. There is more fire here. It is a fiery energy. It is not to imply that this is destructive in its nature, for fire cannot burn fire. And yet, fire indeed does consume and transform. Fire ceases to be an issue or concern when one understands one’s very nature as being fire itself.

“There is now an opportunity to allow these greater levels of energy of consciousness, of fire, to run through these physical bodies. This will be different for each of you. There is also this opportunity to work specifically at two levels of consciousness, the one which is outside and somewhat above the physical body typically, which may therefore hold a significantly greater level of fire then may be held within the physical body itself. Over time there is an attunement by the physical to be capable of managing and holding a greater level of fire within its consciousness. This is transformational of the capabilities of manifestation into the physical.

“It is our joy to bring forward these fires of initiation, and to allow these to be encapsulated through your connection, dear Marybeth, into the physical, with an expansion of these capabilities of manifestation that inevitably follow this step.”

I greatly appreciate hearing directly that they will / have been bringing forward these fires of initiation. I appreciate they used the term “fires of initiation.” And “they” can be relied on. The answers are always right there.

And maybe it came up today to point me to what I have already achieved, and to bring attention to it so that I can acknowledge it and then amplify it. Maybe …

Very recently, I have been pointed to a new state of being that is opening or has opened for me. Do you ever notice that as new levels of being or ability comes in, there is no aha or understanding or new user manual that comes with it? You have to have an experience where you see something has changed. Somebody or something needs to reflect it back to you so you can see it at all.

I understand that I have created a clearing, a space, in which this fire that is me can be set and lit. There is a new level that has been achieved. It is suggested I can draw upon confidence going forward in my communications with others because of this. This is about stepping out. I do think that is happening. I am certainly trying to be aware of the reflections back so I can see it more clearly. Maybe I am really done waiting for anything outside of myself. Maybe I just have to catch up with what is already available to me.