Today is day 28 of my commitment to write everyday. There have been a couple times I saw things to share more broadly. Today I will take the time to share some new insights that have landed.

One, I experienced for the first time, about a week ago, the knowing within me how to work with others, how to share my gifts, what my gifts are. It was so clear, and it was in the normal walking around space. There was a lot going on in those moments and I did not get a chance to speak it, express it. Later it was gone. The understanding was gone. But the memory that I got it remained. I still celebrate that first. I remember it was so simple. I am close!

Two, Rick and I have started channeling for us and for me again. Yay! After the second one, I saw that opportunity differently. I noticed in a healing session that I did that I questioned how to do something, how to hold it. In the space, I did what I did and it was fine, but I saw that when Yeshua came in to give me some pointers on healings, that I could ask him how he saw it or how he would have handled it. I noticed, as I start to have spaces I would like to move into, that I can learn to bring the question into the physical (as often it just happens in the concept space and I don’t bring it down) and then I can ask to get other perspectives on it. As a side note, I will add that in my reviews lately of past channeled spaces, understanding how much of my reality I have built from the information they have offered, I have become even more appreciative of what I have.

Third space is a dream space I brought through this morning. I used a tip from a woman named Aluna Joy. She offers spiritual pilgrimages. I have not been on one of hers yet, but have considered it. The tip was that in the dream space, or the sleeping/waking state, that when you know you want to bring something back, to review all that you know before open your eyes or get up. I tried that this morning and it worked.

I found myself in a fancy public lounge space, like a nice hotel lounge space, with three other people. My focus was on the one in front of me. As it played out, I understood him to be the headmaster of a mystery school, a wisdom school, or a magic school, something like that. I was being presented to this person by the person on my right. She was supposed to be my mother, I knew her as my mother, but I have never heard her speak of such things. I did not know she had any awareness of these areas in life. Yet, she was dressed fancy, she spoke as one who knows, and she was speaking on my behalf. She was his equal. I believe I was being considered to take my learning to the next level as there was question about test-taking. I was fully me in that dream and I knew without a doubt I could learn anything and then could demonstrate a mastery on it, whether in a class or learning alone. I am aware it was about learning, not about being taught. I spoke that truth. And the scene immediately changed to the fourth person, the person at my left. I understood him to be my partner. And he had just gone into anxiety and fear, knowing it was too much and he wouldn’t be able to protect me.

As I shared the dream with Rick, first he noted my ability to bring this forward with clarity from the dream space. As I was sharing, I noticed that I was equally as unaware of my heritage, my lineage, my Mother in the dream, as I was unaware of this aspect of myself that felt I could not move forward into these spaces of visibility and power because I would not be safe, my beloved partner in the dream.

Woohoo!! Did I ever tell you that once I can see something, I know it no longer has a hold on me? Both of these aspects are up for a change. It has been a long time coming.

It was only three or four days ago that I added to my daily routine invoking, asking, my lineage to work with me.

As I was writing, I notice that all three pieces I wanted to share were about my ability to start to bring down into the physical that which I am aware of in the non-physical, the concepts, the knowings, the dream space. It is happening and I am thrilled.