I think today I just feel like writing about where I am, in this moment. I do not feel a purpose. Maybe it is more of a hello. And how are you??

I feel more of a nesting today. Two days ago was magical from the moment I awoke, and infused itself into everything I touched. Yesterday I think was significant in movement – yet to be seen actual results though – possible around both the sale of the Portugal property and deciding on a rental here in Glastonbury.

So, yes, we are back in Glastonbury, UK. It has been three and a half weeks now. There is becoming time to just be again. I found myself looking at Advent and Christmas ideas for family. I found myself looking at recipes to start cooking again. In the last week, I have started exercising again – around the frozen shoulder. I have ideas landing on how to set up structures around body movement and around astrology. The mantra for Virgo is: I discern what is essential to my well-being, and it becomes my practice.

Life feels good right now. I like me. I like that Astrology is starting to open for me again. I heard myself speaking yesterday, and I did not use astrological terms or references at all, but as I spoke, I could see the zodiac belt as a medicine wheel, and I could see the particular “medicine” that was being called on in that instance as the transition from one sign into the next. I enjoyed the overlay of information as it was available within me.

I am enjoying getting back in to body movement again and the possibilities I feel there. I was enjoying the thought this morning of having a house big enough to have space for different types of workouts, maybe a room where I can dance. I am enjoying the desire to look at recipes and to cook again. I am enjoying using essential oils, and having the scent of fresh flowers and incense around me again. And I am enjoying just breathing. There is a softness, a gentleness in today. It feels very good.