Rick and I stepped up earlier this week to rewrite the entire presentation of Hugo’s Organics Ltd for fundraising purposes. We were just planning to do the financials.

The first night I looked at the most current documents and all the texts and E-mails of requests and documents sent. Watching it, there was nothing to do with it. Everything I touched in on expanded outward. So, I focused on just being aware of all of it. I reset one thought process that I found was not helpful, and gave myself permission for facts to be repeated in the presentation. And I quit working at 11:30 pm, even though I felt like I had not started yet, and was able to turn it all off and sleep well.

The next day, the energetic flow turned on. I could see all the pieces that needed to be added and I could see where they needed to land, how to bring them in. I was able to complete most of it prior to going out to dinner, and so I sent it off in draft form to the team – without running it by Rick first.

At dinner, Rick commented about my energy during the day. He said it was like I really stepped up to the plate. I must have felt the same energy he was pointing to because as he said the words, I felt the bat connect solidly to the ball and I knew I hit a home run. Now, I have never played baseball. I don’t think any of you reading this ever saw me play softball, so I will share that I have never come close to hitting a home run. But in this moment, I could feel it. It was really interesting. I did have fun with that for a while, allowing it to be whatever it was.

And this morning I went for a short run after my workout. I must be starting to be more conscious of and run myself more from my energetic body. I felt so light. It was so easy and fun. I could feel my physical body take on a form, a running form, much the way it does when I sit a certain way or go into yoga postures. It just aligns itself, as does my breath. It was fun to just feel that ease, that lightness. But it was also fun to start to recognize being aware in the energetic body.