The following is part of a conversation I had the other day. It was meant for one person in particular with a specific experience going on, but I have felt called to share it here, so I wonder if it may be of benefit to one of you also.

We are talking about the being and the doing part of you, or the feminine and the masculine part of you. We want to remap the masculine part of you to be staying present to you, staying present to the feminine, until the feminine knows what it wants. In the moment the feminine knows what it wants, then the masculine will step right in and do it. When the feminine doesn’t know what it wants, the masculine is not going to run off and try to do busy work and try to figure out what needs to be done. It is going to stay present to you.

When you went into the energy of that expansiveness, the “if I just hold my expansiveness” and what you felt in that, that felt like the feminine to me. It knows. And when you said, “but then I go into this little scrapping thing,” that to me feels like the masculine trying to do something for the feminine that it has no idea what to do. And it is doing its absolute best, but it is not helpful.

This is only the energy behind it. This has nothing to do with what the jobs are that it comes up with. The scrapping is the energy, not the different jobs that you do. When you hold the expansiveness of that feminine, you can do any job on the earth plane and you can use the energy that you get from that expansiveness to drive all the little things that can be done or need to be done. Those do not end up being a negative or a drain then because you are just using the energy that is from that expansiveness and where you are going. That energy can be infused into all the different projects in your life.

The masculine needs to learn to trust the feminine. The feminine needs to make the decisions, state what she knows to be true. The masculine needs to learn it is okay to do nothing while the feminine is discerning and moving things around and feeling what the appropriate next step is. The decision comes from the feminine and then the masculine knows what to do from that.

When the masculine believes the feminine needs help making the decision, that is when the energy gets misaligned because that is not the masculine’s job. It wants to support the feminine. So, if the feminine says, “Oh, I don’t know what I want, you figure it out.” It is not its job to figure it out, but it believes it is its job because the feminine just said “I don’t know how to do it, you do it.”

When you just hold both sides, let the feminine trust the feminine. The masculine then will trust the feminine. The masculine does not need to do something all the time.