Men-an-tol. The outer circle is one dimension. The circle stone is a second dimension. A stone on each side of the circle / porthole is the third dimension, picturing the circle going down into the ground and up over the center circle stone. This is how a time machine is depicted in the movies if the energy is spinning. Men-an-tol is used to consciously request rebirth. We all went through it.

When we arrived, I sat at the entry stone for a bit. Then I walked to one of the stones by the circle one. I put one hand on top of the other on it. Then ceremony started. This was the stone to anchor at after going through the portal. Nothing in me wanted to move so I stayed there while most of the group went through. I did take off my shoes and just connected in. At some point, Marcus put his hand on the opposite stone.

We touched the opposite stone to initiate our cycle. Then we went thru the circle stone, East to West, and grounded at the stone I had stood by.

In preparation for my rebirth, I called on Akhenaten and Nefertiti, Apollo and Athena, Michael and Mary, Yeshua, Thoth, and Vywamus. I am asking to awaken to my next steps.

There came a point I felt I was complete at the anchor stone. I looked around and there was no movement, so I went to take my turn to be rebirthed.

After the ceremony was complete, we came together in circle. I don’t remember anything. We had lots of time afterwards. I sat at the entry stone. Then I laid on the ground.

We made a short stop at Lanyon Quoit. It is a Dolman. The understanding we were given is these are not burial chambers, but a power source. Marcus told a story of someone who tried to climb on top and was thrown off. I understood his story as permission/invitation from the guardian for me to lay on top. It was not right to do it then, or in front of the group. If/when I make it back there, I intend to ask permission and if it feels right, I will give it a try.

After a picnic lunch, we went to Boscowan-un. It is a fairly large, complete, stone circle. There is a center stone on an angle. It looks like it is falling over. It is purposeful in amplifying the underlying energy. The Mary line comes in at an angle. There is a white quartz stone that gives off another line. Both meet in the middle and the one redirects the Mary line to the way the center stone is pointing.

We started at this center stone and smudged ourselves. I also dipped my fingers in the water bowl. First, I walked the inner circle counter- clockwise and then I picked a stone to lean against. Marcus walked around the inner circle clockwise drumming. I shut my eyes and did a Magical Awakening session then for myself and anyone tapping in to receive. As I was going into integration, Marcus chimed bells to start to bring us back.

We joined in circle. This the farthest out on the Mary line that we will be touching. Marcus mentioned the other points we had touched. We did a golden sun meditation. We talked about the pilgrimage and the journey to get us there, all as one group again.

At the end, I poured some water in my hands and sprinkled it on the center stone.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at a holy well. We took a shortcut in. But there is a great walk from what I could tell. The water level was too low to touch it from the lowest step available. I did not go into the space. There is a very small chapel (ruins) nearby with an altar. There is an area with twisted trees and sight of St, Michaels Mount. Ley lines curve around the well, but don’t go through it. This is another place to come back and spend time in. It is gorgeous!