Much has happened in my life since the first Gathering at The Gables (the name of our home.) We have just recently had our second gathering and they are now scheduled to continue. It was very powerful for me and took me a little bit to integrate it within, creating a new structure. There will be more words from me on this shortly, but a separate topic.

I have also started another gathering. These are weekly in person sessions called Moments with Marybeth. If you are interested in knowing more, here is the link to the invitation, and the recordings if it is a big enough group where it is not too personal.

I have shifted diet for now to a meat-based focus on getting enough protein at each meal and throughout the day. I have started strength training again with a personal trainer. These are major changes in my everyday life, and they seemed to happen overnight. My understanding is this focus upon the physical well-being, focus and considerations of diet and exercise, is designed to allow my physical body to keep up with all I am now summoning at the mental and spiritual level in my connection with Mother Earth and Spirit. This ability for my physical structure to actually carry these higher currents of energy is important.

I am signed up to join a sacred pilgrimage in early September here in England, going to some of my own favorite places. I find myself more rooted here in Glastonbury and more committed to what I /we are bringing through here than I have ever been.

There is much more to say, to share. There is so much on the move right now. Yet that is all the time I have in this moment.

My love to each of you.