And so, it begins.

From the beginning at our home, named The Gables, I have seen us having parties here, get-togethers. At the beginning, I saw it as an Open House to show those we knew where we moved to. We didn’t follow through because we were just renting. After we purchased, we didn’t follow through because it was not new anymore.

In 2021, I again saw visions of people gathering here, and more than just for a facilitator running a course. I saw a party, a relaxed atmosphere, an adding to and evolving community, a place for meeting people, for synchronicity, a place to take ideas forward, a balance and blend of heart of mind.

In 2022, we still did not have the outside landscaped as I saw it in my visions, but I could no longer keep it in. It was time to birth it. And so, we did. It came together with little structure. It came together as a potluck dinner party for thirteen, the number around our miniature round table.

Two weeks before the party, we met two people that I knew needed to be part of our first community gathering. When that energy aligned, I was speaking with Rick, and I called this event a gathering. As I said it, I both saw Rick react energetically to the word “gathering” and I heard within myself the Great Gathering. I asked Rick what he saw, and he said Fortingall. Now, Fortingall is where the Great Gathering took place.

My understanding of the Great Gathering is that it was the last time the great beings of Jesus/Yeshua’s time got together physically. Christ came in his resurrected body.

I saw that this gathering mirrored the Great Gathering. From there, I understood that physically the land our home is on was the landing place, the gathering place, in ancient days to Avalon. It is where Joseph of Arimathea landed, and where he brought the Holy Family. And currently, the energy that flows down Wearyall Hill, flows purely and cleanly through our home, as though we were the center. It responds to those gathered here. And from there, I remembered our home’s origin. In 1958, before being called The Gables, it was called the House of the Galilean. There is planning permission in local records to establish a community here, in this home, for the Friends of the Galilean.

On the day of the party, we had a storm pass through. It was big enough to close schools the night before in anticipation. After it cleared, or we thought it had cleared and we put the outside furniture out, we had a hailstorm just 15 minutes before the start, not foreseen that I knew of. I understood the timing of the storms to be signs, alignment, with the power of the gathering. We are doing something significant. The earth is responding.

We had one person not feeling well and decided not to join. Not all knew each other, so it was greetings and introductions, very unstructured and eventually we got around to food. There came a point after everyone was complete that I felt that need for expression rising within me, the same need for expression I had when I created the dinner party to begin with. Those I was speaking to said it to me, confirming what I knew, and giving me opportunity to respond.

I clapped my hands to get everyone’s attention. We moved the tables out and formed a circle. I spoke first. I shared what I experienced in that conversation with Rick: the Great Gathering, Fortingall, and the House of the Galilean. Matt spoke next. He was the one that saw the energy of this land as the landing spot and the way the energy flows off Wearyall Hill. He also said it was not coincidence that we had 12, not 13. Twelve is the full circle. It is wholeness. The 13th is then the space for the Christed Consciousness to hold the twelve. Another brought in a knowing he had been working with of Jesus walking The Roman Way, the name of our street.

We ended with a meditation, connected by holding hands. I don’t always feel anything in meditation, but as soon as we connected, I felt. I felt something happening in my body. It felt like it could take forever, but I trusted it. I just held my presence as it did it’s thing. And then we were complete.

Today I reached out to the group. This is part of what I shared.

I look forward to next steps even as I am still basking in the magic of the evening. I almost said the Glory of the evening. If that word resonates with anyone, I will share what is behind it for me.

I understand our gathering was significant. I like Steph’s words “it felt as though we had been heralded in and it felt at the same time extremely ancient”

We were twelve. There was a storm and then hail. And for me, I felt compelled to gather the group and to speak. Rick may be the only one to recognize that was a first for me. And, again for me, I saw and heard in many of you that you felt the energy as I spoke.

I understand that what we came to do in that evening is / was complete. There is nothing more needed. And, at the same time, it marked a new beginning. And there is more that can come from this.

I woke Saturday morning still in the magic and landed more of myself and more of my understanding. I feel like I looked at our creation of the night before and declared “It is good.” And from that platform, then, I know next steps will come.

And so, it is.