For me, the two words, Power and Love, the two qualities of the words, within me they are intertwined in a way that they cannot be separated.

I can’t be in power without being in the love that I am. And as I spoke the words, I recognized that is not true in general on the earth plane. You can be in power and not do it from a heart space, from a love space. But I’m not able to do that from how I see it as we are speaking.

And equally, I hear myself say it the opposite way. I can’t be in love without being in my power. And that one, again, from the way that we often look at love is not true in general. Love is often viewed as being weak or self-sacrificing or taking you down to a different level. Even the words, falling in love with someone is a falling space, a lessening space. Whereas, where I believe we are going in this new state of being is it is rising in love. When you are really in a frequency of love, it raises your whole being. Like my whole body lifts up even when I just speak those words. There’s a rising in love. And within that rising, there’s a power within my being.

And so, for me, those two, that power and love, are so intertwined that they dance. They spiral. They play on each other and build each other up.

Q: Tell me more about Power and Love versus Perfection and Ease.

MB: Power and Love feel to me like the essence of who I am or the essence of what expresses through me. Like that’s always been there. Whereas the Perfection and Ease feels like more of a vibration that I have created to walk through this transition, to walk through the earth plane at this time. One is more an essence of who I am that is coming out more clearly as I choose to step into it, as I find I like it and choose to step into it more. The Perfection and Ease is more a tool, a way to step into this new way of being that we’re stepping into. They are different in essence. They are different in their beingness through me.

I would say I am Power and Love, and I work through Perfection and Ease. I allow things to come through me in Perfection and Ease.