I had forgotten I wrote that last piece on the stalled project. Three days after this exchange, I received an excited E-mail letting me know the energy flow was back, with several exclamation points.

A synchronistic event happened that led to the knowing that the operations will be funded, as if by magic, but in this world reality. Other events unfolded around time where they could see they are learning to trust the flow and they are being confirmed in that trust. And I received excited thanks for my support.

It is magical how things open and unfold and create when I put a little bit of attention and intention into it and feel and direct the flow myself. Three months ago I saw a couple things similar to this and I choose to call it coincidence because I did not wish to take any credit for it. It seemed too out there. But the day this landed, two other pieces showed themselves also and I decided it is time. Yes, I, we, do make real tangible difference. I had offered to do more, but that is so rarely the case anymore. It is more just seeing it now.