Much is changing again, has changed again.

I feel it when I speak. I feel it when I listen. Rick has commented about a change he sees in my eyes. I know he used a word to describe it that I do not remember, maybe presence, but he followed it up with saying there is now a vulnerability seen, and to him, that meant there is a deeper or softer presence of love available.

I feel less personal, less invested, and yes, more present. I noticed I did not have an opinion on the way through of a piece of energetic work we have going on. I believe in the past I would have (like last week).

Another piece I noticed was in touch. When I work with someone, whether it is physical touch or on the phone or even long-distance like Reiki, I have always been aware of allowing the flow of love through me to the “other.” I have always held a space for them, directed the flow for them. In the last two days, I no longer feel this. I feel it as opening the flow of love that I am, connecting to Divinity above and below. I put my attention on me. It did feel impersonal, but that did not feel like a negative. I felt / saw / knew that as I put attention on myself, on my own flow, not just being a channel for it, that I could now radiate it in a way that would be very tangible and usable to others.

As I say that, I have memory of new words that have come out of my mouth recently and that is about the power of transformation in this physical world that is available when we can hold these higher vibrations in our physical bodies. I believe we have a “right” to make real changes then. That is probably not said very accurately. Yet, it may be connected to this new experience I am having. And I do not feel limitations on me this way. So, maybe it is just a permission slip for me.

Rick has been able to give feedback on my recent experiences. He viewed it being a Sun. A sun does not focus or direct its rays onto a specific being wanting to sunbathe. It simply radiates its light to all. That has a feel to me.