Yesterday I spent some deep time, or some time in a deep space, in the early hours between waking and sleeping. I was aware, but my body was not awake. If I paid attention to it, I would have recognized it as being “heavy” and my eyes would not have opened without real effort. This is a space I have grown familiar with over the years.

I am becoming more aware while I am in that space. It is certainly not one of many words yet. Mostly I was just aware that I was aware of being in a very deep space. But when I asked what I was doing, I did receive words. (Wooho – I asked!! Is anybody else impressed with that! That is new for me.) I was rebirthing the universe.

I find that interesting as I look back at it. I like the rebirthing word. That is not one I use often. Spell check does not seem to like that word, so it probably isn’t a word, yet it is accurate. Rebirthing, I don’t feel I need to explain that one more. The “I” can use more words around it. I did not feel I was alone. Nor can I say I sensed I was in a group. I felt I was with an “other” though. At least an “other” was witnessing it. Noticing also that it was not that I was observing or watching or witnessing it. I was rebirthing it. And the word “universe.” I remember knowing It, what I was rebirthing, was greater than the Earth. So, the label that came was universe.

I don’t know what the rest of you think, or if you think, when you read these words, as they come in energy, not thoughts. But I notice my mental being nodding and agreeing as I write, I get that. In the nodding, I was seeing or knowing or remembering the labeling of fractals and we each “are” the universe, or hold the universe within us. So, of course we can rebirth it.