Today is the 13th day of the pilgrimage, the 9th of September. All went well this morning. We are packed up again and on the bus to Penzance.

I read a channeling last night that talked about Great Goddess, her 3 faces, owning this energy, and becoming Everything (not One). I also remember an earlier channel about rewriting the feminine stories as a project. This morning I find my inner self in thoughts on Muse, Dion Fortune who was prominent in Glastonbury, Tom Kenyon and the Hathors, and Christ/Yeshua and Magdalene, Arthur and Guinevere – archetypal Male and Female with Camelot’s purpose to bring forward the Christed energies in a balanced format. There was also a story one of the women just shared. I believe it was about Buddha. He had a wife but she is little known. But the mother of Buddha is revered, like Mother Mary.

There is something within the sexual energy to unravel. Just breathing into it. I am asking to open the next layer of exploration. I am asking for understanding.

Breathing into it. Saying yes. There were more words earlier, but they were just a beginning and I saw it is about having experiences to bring it through by how it feels, by what we want. There will also be an understand of the stories from the past. I may start to read the old stories with a thought to being there and playing out the energy with greater understanding of what is possible.

One of the women singled me out this morning. She asked if I intentionally stood by her yesterday at the Glen. I shared I was drawn to go stand over there. I knew she was there but did not intentionally stand by her. She shared she had just done a ceremony for her mom, which normally makes her very emotional. She noticed me come over and thought it was a strange place to stand. But she noticed she immediately started feeling better. By the time I walked away, she said she felt great. Big smile on her face as she was sharing. I shared with her I had a sense yesterday that I was an angel, and maybe that was connected. I thanked her for the share as I would have had no idea it was significant that I listened to that urge.

We are at St. Michaels Mount now. The Michael line in the lawn. The Mary line is further down. I started putting my hands out to see if I could sense the ley lines. I believe I could. I wonder if that is why I often have my arms out to the side when I walk. I think my body may be fine-tuned. I am learning to listen. This excites me.

We sat in circle on the Mary line – over the ridge from the Michael. It is in line with the chapel (now blue drawing room) and a Celtic cross only seen from above.

The Queen Elisabeth II died last night. We were on the Mary line today while the nation mourned and rang the church bells talking about the significance of this time. There was talk of the grief of the nation and world for the loss of the Queen of England. It was felt as a devastating hit to the feminine, and one of several or many recently. It was felt that the feminine ley line, this Mary line, we were physically sitting on was shaking violently, being shaken up. It was as though the world, or the feminine, had left the port only to find they lost their rudder.

Aluna started seeing other feminine, Mary Queen of Scots, the last Celtic goddess, Morgana, whom she not seen before, and many others. She started to talk about the future, what is coming that we may be part of bringing in. One is rewriting the story of the goddess energy. Two is bringing in a new magic, alchemical, not Faerie.

I know both of these intimately. I know we are bringing in magic. And I know we are rewriting goddess energy. This is where I was playing just this morning! I had no desire to say anything at all. But I was asked. So, I did share a little bit with the group.

I am aware I live much more in the world we are bringing in than I do in the one that is dying. Magic has been much more tangibly coming in since 2022. I’ve known rewriting of the stories for some time now, but just this morning that landed in a new way, a new understanding.

We walked into the garden area. There was energy I could feel at the well at the top. I did not really connect in as I was mentally engaged with watching the group. I look forward to going back there.

We went down the side and down the stairs. We could not get to it or see it but were at the edge of the energy of the crossing of Michael, Mary, Apollo, and Athena.

We moved into the church. When I was sitting more in the back of the church, I did not feel energy. When I moved to the middle, I could close my eyes and go deep within. I found that interesting. I could feel the energy in the chapel / blue drawing room also, there was not a place to sit and feel into it in that room. The Celtic cross we heard about was visible from up there, part of the Mary line.

The day ended with big changes being seen in my personal life. Much is moving and shifting. All feels good in the world again.