I am still watching this energy. It has been persistent. I have responded to it by wanting to go on vacation, just to warmth where I can just do nothing (and relax and let this land.) We looked into such a vacation, but did not plan one. I have noticed it in my desire on many days to literally do nothing. I have noticed it in many days by sleeping for hours in the afternoon, and still sleeping 8-9 hours at night. This same energy sparked seeing and asking for support on the day-to-day things such as cooking. Today I am feeling into it again, tuning in. The thought came to me that it is like being in the later stages of a pregnancy. The things that used to have relevance just don’t anymore. There is a reaching for the baby to be born, but it is not there yet. I wonder if maybe the “help” I am reaching for is more than just for cooking food, maybe it is for a mid-wife to help to bring this in.

I asked Rick to do a short channeling for me on the topic of this energy. I just wanted an additional perspective. A transcription of most of it is attached here – New Lifetime

I love how they role-model for me. I love seeing through my eyes through their eyes. I love the multi-dimensional levels at which they can touch upon topics. I love seeing more of who I am by how they choose to interact with me.

This one to me was about stories. I use stories very consciously in my own life, in work with others, and am aware of a desire within me to rewrite broader stories. I am impressed with their work in this one. In some ways, it is no different from what I have been reaching for since we arrived in Glastonbury, or longer. Yet the story is new. The perspective is new. And I see it works for me. I understand the concept of skills being available when we come into this lifetime. We all do have different natural gifts, skills we have not had to work for. I can resonate easily with allowing that to be true when stepping into a new lifetime from this physical body. And I can resonate with the idea of using experiences and synchronicities to see what I might like to do in my next lifetime. That feels like common sense. I “get” taking tentative steps, and then pausing to observe the experience and to observe the flow of energy that is sparked. So, once again, they have found a way to spark my enthusiasm and my own knowing in what I can do and what I want to do. I can approach this current phase with playful fun, and I do understand it is simply this attitude and vibration that will accelerate it. There is much joy in simplicity.