Today I have the urge to write. So here I am. I also have the urge to go deeply within and just be. Maybe we can learn to marry the two.

We now own a home, a home of choice, a place to root fully, not just a practicality.

I already have small groups around astrology forming here. I heard a friend last night say I needed to reach out to her (and others) as to when I am free and she will come more often. Don’t wait for her to reach out to me. In my mind, there was and “Oh, yes.” I forget those things. I am accustomed to waiting for others to be ready.

We have two larger groups already coming or set up to come to our home / venue – astrology and yoga/dance. Is it any surprise they are both topics I wish to expand into? Rick is looking to bring in a Virtual Reality studio here.

We are going back to Cornwall for 3 nights for our 5th wedding anniversary. I have a deep, deep love for Cornwall. I have wondered why we have not gone back yet. But now is certainly the time. There is great excitement in my being.

We have a housekeeper. We have two staff members who are available for food planning, shopping, food preparation, cleaning, errands, set-up / take-down for group events, errands, research, and soon-to-be work assistance. We have a gardener. We also have access to a handyman, although I expect that to be less consistent work. We have become set up to run efficiently, to free up time for Rick and I to step into what? All I know is I have watched myself create it. It has evolved over time and is working tangibly now. It felt a bit awkward at times, but every step has felt good when I have done it.

I heard the word “esoteric” in a new way, with respect to astrology the other day. It went from having archaic and separatist connotations to me to having the feeling of being familiar, of what it offers being a very dear friend.

I woke this morning with the beginning knowing of 4 ways to come into this world with a body. Two of them felt more “normal” and felt similar to each other. The other two were different, and different from each other. I started to put concepts or thoughts to the energy I brought through, and it took me to the body consciousness work we are doing. In becoming fully conscious of this merging between nature and spirit to form a human body, so we have the ability then to create a human form at will, step in and out of this existence.

Walk in Beauty. Tree of Life, astrology, holders of expansive wisdom now available. It no longer feels like secrets, definitely not something to be learned, maybe not even something to be remembered, but ever more familiar than that. Something to simply open a page within and step onto the playground. It is a place to play and to explore. It provides experiences into knowing ourselves.

I am coming alive.  I do love this life – more and more every day. I do feel this purchase of this home is a powerful accelerator for me. I feel like I have been waiting a long time for what is now available to me.