Steph and Fiona and I met again on Zoom. Energies are continuing to open for us, gaining momentum, and really exciting. We have set a date to meet here at The Gables in two weeks for an afternoon with the intention to consciously open to the creation that is gestating. There was an immediate change in how I experienced the energy after we set the date.

Today I did a follow up with them to share some of the past comments and knowings as we landed here and what we are creating and have created, as this next piece will come from this platform.

There are a few of you reading this that I feel are also intertwined in what we are creating here. That is the main reason I am sharing it in more detail here, not just working with them. So, please do trust your own intuition as you read this and allow yourself to know you are connected and part of it, even if that does not make logical sense yet.

Here is what I sent:

12/7/2017 – Move into The Gables


Thank you, my friends, for stepping up here. Now, recognize, if you will, the expansiveness of the space within which you are playing, and how in the expanded nature of this space that you have now given to yourselves, how, as your very beings move around, there is an opportunity to experience space from many new points of view. The expansiveness of this property provides into your being a reflected expansiveness of your own being in a physically reflected way.

This location is also going to serve to expand the beingness of friends that visit you, for in this space, they, too, will feel this expansiveness. And there is this natural opportunity for a different flow to engage from this viewpoint of expansiveness.

From this home, it is going to be more possible to connect into the flows of energy associated with lay lines, associated with land energies, for it is in such location that you can start to recognize these flows of energy. In this location, you will gain an expanded awareness of land energies and how they link. From this location, as you follow the connectedness of land energies provides the equivalent of a telephone network. As you become connected into one of the significant exchanges, if you think of it as a telephone system, as you become connected to one of those major exchanges, why then, you begin to have access to all the other exchanges on the planet. They become highlighted.

There will then be reflected through your body, through your etheric energy, through the physical energy will be reflected a map of this connectivity. This will be linked to an enhanced intuitive awareness, and there will be a deeper intuitive awareness of what is going on in the changes in the planet at that consciousness level which is somewhat below the obvious level of wakeful observation.



There is also a significant change that comes about with the willingness to ground further into this planet. This home, this space with which you are finding joy, is allowing for a greater connectivity. It may seem paradoxical because some seek instead to connect more with spiritual realms. And yet, to be effective in this environment, and on this planet, there is this question of the grounding of such energies.

And for that, there is an expansion of your being into that connection with Mother Earth, a strong and powerful connection that then allows for a greater flow of energy. That energy is not simply a one-way flow. One might consider it to be more of an alternating current. That principle of rapidly alternating flows give rise to the basis of frequencies and variation in frequencies.

As the higher frequencies are bound into the earth where spirit can be more effectively connected into the planet, there is a greater spiritualization of the planet. There is also a greater ability to deliver power, for that higher frequency is associated also with a greater voltage, the greater ability to deliver power.

Another piece that is forthcoming in your establishment here is your greater establishment generally within this physical world in relation to financial well-being, for this is an aspect of the outward manifestation of various levels of mastery.

There is also bound in this energy shift, a change in the level of confidence. There is a confidence in right thinking. There is a certitude in the building of this foundation. It is not that different and multiple foundations cannot be built. It is not that a foundation must be built in one way. And yet, as that foundation is built with certitude, then that foundation, built that way, will provide an ongoing level of support, nourishment, engagement, reflection. It provides a viewpoint from which to operate consistently.

And yet now, to bring through greater levels of power, is this desirability to build a foundation deeper and stronger. For once that foundation has been selected, then greater levels of energy may be flowed.

Even though this was presented over two years ago, I feel this above piece in several ways now, relating to this new venture. I feel the foundation is in place to expand upon. I feel a new level of grounding into this home, as well as on this planet, in this coming together with intention now. I feel the connection offered to financial well-being as something already present here and able to expand into this further creation or creations. I also see this desirability to build our foundations at this new level with confidence. We know what we are doing. We know the time it now.


5/31/2018 Completion of purchase of The Gables



There is a fountain of clear energy below this home, like a portal. In your ownership of this property, this energy has been authorized, encouraged, empowered to flow more freely. And therefore, there is this effortless movement of energy up through the land immediately beneath this building.

It is in this general area, this area of the healing room, embracing the space of sauna, and branching into the temple space. Its energy also reflects more broadly into the house. This is continuing. This is a continuing effect, broadening into the house, as the extent of flow is itself increasing.

The flow creates something of a torus of energy. It is establishing a certain momentum. This is part of the effortlessness, the ease that you have both been evoking. As you evoke this flow, it continues. The momentum of the flow expands. Each time you bring attention to bear, each time you bring someone into the flow, and recognize, or generate energetic impacts in the space, then the energy of this portal is expanding further.

You may give notice to when you first moved into this property, and immediately there was an energetic response, within the first few days. There was already, even then, a response and a releasing of a potential that has been there, but has not, until your arrival, began to expand into that potential to manifest into this physical environment.

I draw to your attention the potency with which those who are sensitive to energies are impacted simply by coming into this flow.

In that recognition and that certitude of the perfection of this location to provide you both with the roots and nourishment of that for which you have been calling, in that certitude, there is a further empowerment.

This speaks loudly to me, as we already discussed, that the Healing Room is to take a significant role going forward, where it has not so far. Rick and I just completed a clear out of that space, as I see it now, to allow for the new to land. This speaks not only of what the three of us can take from and add to in this space, but very clearly the expansion into making it available for more people to access it. The reference to the potency to those sensitive to energies was comments from people when they simply stepped through the front door and entered the more general home.



There is this energy ready to flow through from the land, from my domain (Sanat Kuma) through the underground gateways and into the further empowerment of this building. This is a very suitable and timely moment to allow the grounding and embodying within this structure of an elevated energetic level which may then support and further induce support by way of harmonic mutual vibratory levels that are established between those people who will be visiting this property and that which has been established, and which is now made available to reverberate through the walls of the structure from the ground below. My ability to influence these people positively, to connect to these people intuitively and inspirationally, is increased because of setting the groundwork, the energetic groundwork that the two of you together have now been able to establish.

The energies held in the walls of this building are now vibrating at a higher level. There is a security, a reserve of energetic power available to you both. This will be ongoing reflected in your financial well-being.

There is now available a broader and more potent experience of energies of sensuality with the engagement of direction of such energies through these physical bodies. It is an energy that is very harmonically beneficial at a cellular level. It introduces within these physical bodies, as it passes through, a deep, refreshing sense of well-being, a deep enjoyment of being in touch with life. This may simply become a state of being from which well-being becomes an accepted birthright, where well-being is an honored guest, welcomed and appreciated within the human field of consciousness, where the presence of well-being may be celebrated. We have the word celebration flowing in this room tonight that empowers and encourages further the regular presence of this friend we call well-being, to be experienced within the physical domain of these beautiful bodies.

Dear Marybeth, this flow is already familiar to you and your beautiful body, and yet there has been this experience available to you of encouraging and nurturing the presence of this friend of well-being to the physicality of your beloved Rick. There is an increasing mastery in your ability to manage and encourage and open the door to such experiences, not just in your beloved Rick, but also in others. And as you see, not simply feel, but see and experience these flows of a purity energy, of increasing capacity through your being, there will be this greater lightness in your spring, this greater experience of elfin energies for which you have such a natural resonance.

As this becomes increasingly available to you is also the conscious awareness of the opportunity to utilize, play with, and direct such energies in the focus of creative desire. The ongoing mastery of this capability within yourself also compliments and expands the ability to harmonically initiate within others these potentials, which when ignited, further enhance and empower your own capabilities.

My friends, you are very tangibly engaged in the engagement, encouragement, and experience of this law of increasing returns.

As you allow this experience to unfold right here, right now, then there will be additional hints, ideas, and possibilities landing. And as these catch your eye, catch your mind, catch your awareness, then there is opportunity for an exploration of where we may take this further. For now, my friends, our recommendation is that you recognize and honor that spirit of celebration. Appreciate this level that is attained and make yourselves comfortable here. Let this truly be a space of home for you.

This points to the connection with that feminine energy, with that essence that has been labelled as Sanat Kumara, an essence connected with the planetary energy and its caring and nurturing and development. This planetary essence is our foundation. I see this energy as being what you both tapped into when we just talked about our first intentional creation day at The Gables. Your words, Fiona, when you spoke of “feeling the energy of the temple space, its abundance. There is a quality of when you know the richness of your true being, your true essence, and you know the real worth of who you really are, and then that get reflected on the outside and all around you.” To me, this is the energy that is labelled as “well-being” here. This, again, confirms the monetary well-being attached to this energy. And this, again, points to the ability to offer this to others as we are willing to embody it ourselves.



Dear Marybeth, you are drawing on this connection to energy quite substantially. This is flowing into the region and space of your consciousnesses, but also in a sense into your physical environment. There is an overflow. There is a building of energy. As this energy is building, it will come to be represented also by a building of monetary means, which will be a reflection of this overflow of an abundance, an energetic abundance. There is a natural pooling beginning where income from multiple sources will be significantly exceeding the expenditure process, both monetarily and also in this spiritual accumulation of energy.

There is this opportunity now for this active lodging and engaging with this expansive energy that can be grounded and manifested into a field tangible, in fact, not simply to yourselves, but also to others. It is reflected monetarily, but it is also, in essence, a form of power.

There is a momentum and a potency. The momentum does not necessarily need to be linear in the sense that it may also be circular, more like a vortex that is routinely maintained or enhanced to new levels of energy and sustainability. In your interactions with the environment, instead of this being a drain, merely some of this energy will be utilised and be immediately replaced and replenished and further reestablished, for this is a self-reinforcing flow that you have summoned, and which is responding to that call.

With the recognition of the building of this energy in a, you could say a, stored form, but accumulated, concentrated form, there is opportunity to engage in more actively far-reaching goals. There will be a consideration of appropriate action, deployment, direction. As that engages, this enhanced flow will rise to a new level.

Let us hold this space now for a few minutes and contemplate this awareness of the magnificence of accumulation of energy flows, this spiritual wealth. It may be possible to actually attune to a feeling of this, and to feel in the moment the accumulation of this energy.

One of the reasons that there are not so many words for this is that this potency of energy is drawn, flowed and focused through the emotional body. The mental body is aware of the experience and yet not so intimately aware of the method of operation of the emotional body, which manages matters in its own unique manner and perspective. It is that side which is responsible for garnering the powerhouse of spirit in this physical manifestation.