I have been playing a little with this question of what do I want to do with this new knowing. What foundations do I want to add to the creation space? What do I want to bring to this new golden age? One thing I have learned is I can only give what I can hold with stability. Another thing I have learned is as above, so below, or I see it, as on the micro scale, so on the macro scale. What is obvious to me is what is mine to bring or give or do. A couple pieces landed for me this morning. I will keep it brief in this moment. I can feel it expanding. One concept I hear myself saying over and over that we do not get on this earth plane is how to complete something, how to honor and celebrate an ending. I know, I see we have this woven into death and survival. This will have to be unwoven. To create a golden age with longevity, we will want the ability to create and destroy and recreate in grace and ease. It is time for war and struggle and suffering to not be required. As I see very clearly on the micro scale right now (literally in my own life experiences), I see how I need to be fully allowing of others to have whatever experience they want. So, to create on this macro scale where we are, we need to bring in this allowing-ness, and it wants to be a clean energy, with no pain or suffering or patience attached to it. If you are asking, we do this with love. I feel Quan Yin here to guide us, with peace and compassion. And the new one I have recently brought in for myself feels very relevant to make available also, and that is a new form of stability. I have long held a stable energy. Others have been able to step into stability from my consistency. Yet I have known that very same stability was also holding me back from the energies that just wanted to flow within me, oh, the power in them!  And the new stability is the sense of harmony that flows within me.