I just physically touched the book “Quan Yin, Arc of the Covenant & the Holy Cell Towers” by Nia Kallhof and Bruce Durward. I have other things planned for today, so I did not want to open it yet. But I was drawn to look at the back cover of it. There is a picture of Archangel Michael’s sword. I have felt this sword in my presence once. And Archangel Michael is the one who came to me four years ago with information about my crystal quest / journey / awakening, opened my path more formally.

But another piece I saw was Excalibur. And I saw again the similarities between different stories from different times. And I noticed the concept of archetypal patterns. … And then I thought about my thoughts of rewriting mythology, rewriting the creation stories themselves, and I wondered, “What if we do this, not with a pen (or computer), but what if we rewrite it by living it? What if we create it by being it?” Okay, so this did make me laugh – as in, “What a fun thought!” and “How crazy is that?” all rolled into one.

But certainly this takes the question, “What do I want?” or “What do I want to create?” to a whole new level.