Q: Your question had to do with – your statement, it wasn’t a question – had to do with assisting Jonathan the next time that we see him in making this connection with what you have been calling the “handhold”.

A: What I am seeing is, in this energy that you are in, it is clear to you – you can see it. But in a month from now when you come to work with Jonathan, it will be a mental thought, and to try to explain it mentally to him may or may not stick.

But in this moment right now, in this energy, you can set the intention – or set the dance – it is setting an energy in motion so it’s bigger than an intention, which is why I go to a dance.

You are setting a synchronicity such that when Jonathan is here next, there lands this energy that you are in right now and you are setting the intention that you recognize that energy in that moment – and in that moment, you speak from the energy. That will allow Jonathan the best chance to actually take it in as his own.