There is this matter of a certain grief and a way that you hold this grief. This grief is not new in the sense that it is not isolated simply to this matter with Jewel. There is the matter of Jewel’s well-being, which is well taken care of with the contribution, with the space and energy of love you provide in the physical. This is taken care of in the physical. And yet also, this is taken care of at a very great level in the nonphysical domain, with which she is very much in touch.

There is this opportunity, this awareness, for looking at this matter of grief energy within yourself, for as you focus this upon an external cause, then this takes your attention away from the mechanism that operates within you. There is an opportunity to look at the manner of that construct, and to see if indeed this is one that you wish to retain in its current form. And let me assure you that it is not necessarily appropriate to seek to change it. And yet it is a matter, as we look at this question of empowerment. A significant piece in this question of empowerment is the ability to create the structures that permit you to experience life in the manner that you desire.

And also, if you choose to look into this aspect of grief, of course you do great service here, for this is not, as you will appreciate, your template, or your template in isolation. But indeed, this is part of this connected bigger and broader template, where the potency of grief has been much established within the mass consciousness construct. Yet, from my perception, my dear, this simply reflects another aspect to me of your beauty. There is a reflection of love that comes through this, you see. And sometimes it comes barely as a reflection, but as a wonderful warmth.

Let there be a flow back and forth between you and Jewel, and if it is, a silly word my friend, I was going to say possible. But everything is possible, is it not? Let there be a flow back and forth, and let there be this possibility of a joyful release in that. There is an opportunity for, shall we say, a lightening of that energy and the manner in which you are experiencing it that in no way diminishes the radiance of the love that you hold. It is strange, is it not, that sometimes within humanity there is this opportunity to hold a love between an animal and a human being, which can seemingly exceed the love between human beings? There is a purity present here, a selflessness and a purity, and simplicity. Perhaps this also offers a model for a contemplation of the bringing through of more of that beautiful element within the human consciousness, the human domain.

Very well, my friends, this is a beautiful space that you create for me, for us spiritual beings to come and join you and to partake. I thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to coming and joining you at whatever time may be appropriate in the future. For now, I offer many, many, many blessings and my appreciation for your contribution into the change in energies within this environment. For now, I take my leave.