In listening to what Victor saw in Amy’s play in the astral construct he set up, I was surprised with how much related to our play with the Golden Age. I started to feel it becoming more tangible. And, even reading it later, I can feel my excitement growing.

Victor: Amy, do I have your permission to really quickly just give you a check in on what I see regarding what you’ve been working on in the astral?

Amy: I would like that, thank you. Yes.

Victor: I want to acknowledge there are two vibrations I’m reading that are coming through really strongly right now. One of them was a vibration that you were working early in the week. I don’t know what color this is but it’s kind of like an electric blue. It is very vivid, very strong color. And then, where you’re at right now is kind of like orange, orange with the energy of tall trees like, redwoods or something. You’ve just moved a lot of energy this week. Some of it on the astral, some of it you’re working into the physical, but one of the things that I see is your alignment to the intention of the next Golden Age. You’re also allowing yourself to transform your own personal life, your own personal relationships in alignment to that bigger goal.

It’s interesting. It may not initially make sense how your interpersonal relationships might … it’s interesting because it’s like a microcosm of this greater thing that’s happening. What I see here is you are finding your joy and your enthusiasm as a spirit in the body at this juncture. I see that you are fiercely holding onto and just enjoying your joy and your truth. That is something that I am seeing as this confluence of the vibrations of joy and truth and that those two spaces can be aligned.

The blue that I was looking at earlier this week was not necessarily of the earth. It was very much up in the clouds. It was very much something that was created on higher levels, but as you are starting to align with it, your physical or temporal or life space are kind of turning this orange, in order to align with this greater goal of the blue. You are playing with two spaces basically. You are dancing in the clouds and also dancing with your feet on the earth, if that makes any sense.

Amy: That makes a lot of sense.

Victor: So cool. As you say that, I see your heart chakra light up with that orange. Your heart and your throat or lighting up for me. What I see is your affinity, your ability to love and to be love and to receive love, and your ability to speak truth. I see those two lighting up. In the throat, I see that blue. In the heart, I see that orange. And I just see them aligning. One can be blue and the other can be orange, but they’re both working toward that same goal.

Do you have any questions?

Amy: It clicks that I have been moving a lot because in some ways the human has been hit down here. I don’t know if you saw my email, which I sent maybe half an hour ago. As I move into living with Dave, the human at this level just feels trapped and “How do I do this?” And yet, the knowing is “Amy, this is your learning edge.” When I speak my truth, I get what I want. So, that is learning, how to do that effortlessly, without blowing people up because I can be very cutting and judgmental, very sharp. I am really feeling the patience come in. I am so grateful to you both. I really feel your support in this for me. If I can make this work, this microcosm work, anything is possible.

Victor: Marybeth, do you have any commentary or observation?

Marybeth: I was nodding my head a lot! Yes, yes, yes, the whole way through. Yes, this is how we create the Golden Age. We do it in our micro relationships. The whole macrocosm is based on the microcosm. As above, so below, with everything that we do. And I cannot agree enough that, yes, this is how we do it. There are different levels that we do things with. A lot of times, what we are working on in the higher planes, we are actually working through down here on a more mundane physical level. As we start to become more conscious and more intentional of what we do down here, we are making great strides in the planes that we do not see yet, in the planes that we are not conscious of what we are doing yet. Really powerful what you are doing, Amy.

This is it. This is how we do it. We come together in groups like this. We work on the relationships that we are in. It is consciously living our life down here and understanding that it’s all connected. It is all connected in ways that at least people like me don’t see yet. Victor might see more than what I do on stuff like that.

I do see how and I am starting to see more and more what we do in the physical is an expression of what we are doing on the different levels. I am starting to see more multidimensionally. Yes. I get it.