In July, I started a group with two other people. I thought we were taking the Magical Awakening offering forward, looking at how to create a group structure around that. That is yet to unfold as I came to understand at the second meeting that their focus is bringing in the Golden Age. I did not even remember speaking to them about the Golden Age, but it is so much of my essence now that not only did I speak it, but I was heard. At the beginning, we agreed to one hour, every other week. The energy has just continued to open between us and there is momentum behind it now. And such joy in my being!

I will start to share some of our conversations and introduce, not only the players, but also hopefully the energy of our play. This energy is changing our lives and I wonder if we can widen the playing field. The following is a portion from our third session, dated August 1, 2021.

Victor: Thank you both for being here, and for being a part of this wonderful journey. And thank you, again, to Mary Beth for creating this intention.

I had asked about a week ago if you guys wanted to participate in an astral construct. Let me just ground that again and re-invite you to participate in it at the moment. If you give me permission, I will read the energies of what I’ve seen throughout the week regarding your participation in the construct.

My specialty is the astral plane and clairvoyance. The astral construct that I created was a temple. The intention behind that temple was that you would be able to experience serenity and answers. If you don’t mind just either closing your eyes or just gently visualizing your concept of the temple, whatever a temple looks like for you. If it’s a church, it is a church. It could be a grove. It can be whatever that looks like. Envision it on a mountain overlooking an eternal sunrise.

Do you mind if I go ahead and start reading you, Marybeth?

Marybeth: That would be just fine.

Victor: We all just kind of vibing at the energy of being on that astral temple and on a mountain looking over an eternal Golden sunrise.

Marybeth, when I have been looking at your energy throughout this last week, I’ve been seeing you at a cornflower blue. That energy doesn’t necessarily symbolize anything in and of itself. It’s just been helping me to track you. When I look at the things that you’ve been up to this week, the first symbol that I see is ants. Ants kind of share like a group consciousness. They also share an intention. Of course, there is also the Queen Ant, which is kind of where I see that you’re at. Reality is just constructing around the intention that you have set, which is bringing about the next Golden Age.

In this blue, you really epitomize that effortlessness. It is very yin. It is not yang. It’s not pushing. It’s not demanding. It’s not trying to control. It’s just being and allowing. It is basically the vibration of an invitation, where things are just coming in. I see a golden fire, like literally a combination of fire and the vibration of gold, flickering. This kind of has the vibration of an Ace in the hole. You have an amazing kind of trump card ability, of just being able to make miracles happen. Okay, that is the vibration of miracles that I’m seeing.

You have both, obviously we all do, but I see that as you are creating and manifesting, that you really own both your male and female energy. As a spirit, you have a lot of male past lives, a lot of female past lives, and you have a lot of information in those lives how to run male and female creative and magical energy, God and Goddess.

The word that I keep seeing is triumph. That is the energy of the vibration. It’s like triumphs. It’s about celebration. It is validation. This vibration is very winning is what I see.

It’s interesting because it is triumph without a conflict. That is what I’m seeing. What is great about it is you were willing to let people who were working on conflict, who were working on the lower vibrations, participate in this big idea, this big moment.

Do you have any questions for me?

Marybeth: Wow, that was amazing. I like. It is very validating and confirming. No, I didn’t have any questions in that. It is great you can see that in the way that you did. Thank you. Beautiful. It really adds to what we are trying to do here.

The being able to create miracles. Yes, I do make miracles happen. I am aware that I do.

Victor: You do!

Marybeth: I do, and it is really fun. I am starting to anticipate it, rely on more and more. This is starting to give me more ideas, not like literal ideas, but more ideas on how we create this Golden Age. When I get feedback like this, I feel like it is more and more possible. It is more tangible for me then how I often play in it.

Victor: If I may just give one bit of feedback that is not part of the reading. It is just that this last week, and as a result of working with you two, my perspective of humans being able to achieve the Golden Age has actually shifted. I’ve actually started seeing that it is possible, that it is happening.

Amy, is there anything that you saw or that you want to communicate about that?

Amy: Very inspiring, and it felt like when Victor asked Marybeth if there were any questions, and Marybeth responded, there was a part of me that said, “I have a ton of questions!” It was like, “Whoa, Marybeth, tell me more about this!” I wanted touch points and connecting points because you know, essentially, I am so inspired. For some time, I have felt like there is so much I can learn from Marybeth. Yes, that simple.

Victor: Thank you, Amy. One more thing that I just have to say, because I heard this as I was speaking or as we were talking. I think that they want me to communicate it to you, Marybeth, is that this quality of effortlessness is one of the vibrations that inspires gods and goddesses to want to work with you.

Marybeth: Whew. Okay, I hear that.