Victor: Thank you so much for that validation, Marybeth. I am going to talk a little bit about the energies I’ve been working within this astral construct, to see if you guys have any commentary on that.

The last time that we spoke, I said it out loud as an affirmation. I am the next Golden Age. Now, what my experience of the astral has been, its clicking and its making sense. I had a couple dreams this week and actually quite a few astral experiences. Two of them were specifically on the theme of divorce. There have been three major divorces in my universe recently, within the last two years. These were relationships that I was invested in as a friend. I helped introduce a couple of these people together. It really must have left some sort of impression on me because I’ve been dreaming about them for two days.

When I look at it from a spiritual level, from a metaphorical level, the energies that I was experiencing or working or observing in the dreams had to do with allowing people to go their own way and not trying to limit another person’s growth. There is this idea out there that there are only two sins. The first is to limit another person’s growth and the second is to limit your own growth. And so, if two people or groups of people are holding each other back or one is holding another back, then I am just learning to let myself be neutral to both that experience and also the experience of when people want to separate, when groups want to separate.

What I see as how that relates to the Golden Age is that I’m becoming neutral to people making choices and decisions that I don’t agree with. I am letting it be a good thing and celebrating the fact that there is diversity and transformation, and growth doesn’t always look like what I think it should look like. That’s been very interesting for me this week because I’ve been just getting to a place of neutrality from a space of judgment.

The other thing that I’ve been looking at this week in my astral has been just trying to figure stuff out and make things will work on the physical plane. As I’m waking up, I realize that I’m doing a lot of active problem-solving from the lower astral to the etheric to the physical body. But on a spiritual level, it’s done. But for whatever reason, I have to experience it. I have to experience sometimes the thing that I want in order for it to be real. That is part of the illusion, as well, is what I am seeing.

I am going to go alphabetically. Amy, do you have any comments on what I’ve said or what I’ve been working on or what you see?

Amy: I simply agree. It feels very much powerful that you are owning what’s happening at those levels. I agree, too, I feel like in some ways there is a similarity. Way above, it is done. It’s trickling down. It is very much a top-down process, for you, for me, for us.

Victor: Thank you, Amy. Marybeth, do you have any insights?

Marybeth: Possibly, we will see what comes out of my mouth when I talk. One of the things that I see in this is when I first started talking about the Golden Age, I believe that you spoke about permission for diversity in the Golden Age. I do not remember exactly how you said it, but I remember I took it a step further than that. It is bigger. It was not just permission for it, but that is an inherent part of it. What I feel you are getting to already as you speak about this, that these transitions that you’ve made already in becoming neutral and in allowing people to make decisions that you don’t want them to make or you don’t think are right, but that is where all the diversity comes from. It is the knowing that we are okay if other people make choices that we wouldn’t have made, or if we don’t want to see them go that way. I think that is a huge part of the Golden Age and in each of us having the freedom to be who we want, to do what we want.

Everybody is going to have a different opinion on what can or should be done. One of the first things that does have to happen is this becoming okay with other people, and really knowing that they are not going to rock us off what we are creating. It might end up looking different than what we thought it would if they are an intimate part of it.

Yes, it is a really big stage that you have stepped through, are stepping through. I want to acknowledge that. Sometimes we go through things, and they seem easy because we are really looking to bring this in with effortlessness, as you mentioned before. Yet, when it is effortless, if we don’t take a moment to celebrate and acknowledge it, it gets lost in the next piece that were looking to do. I would really say, let’s celebrate who you are and what you have brought through in this short time. That is a big deal.

The second piece of that is – I am kind of hoping that this is the new way of life on planet Earth, this what you are both describing as knowing it’s done in the spiritual. To me, when we know that, when we have that knowledge at that level of our being, of it being complete, the “what” we are looking to do, then that is what we are here to do on the earth plane is to bring it into the physical. We create it in the nonphysical. We created it in those spiritual realms where it comes together with the cohesiveness, I will say, quite easily there. But then, the mastery, if you want to call it that, in being a human being is this willingness to, figure out is not quite the right words, but I will say it anyway, to figure out how to, how to play that out, how to express that down here, how to get the cohesiveness of what we know in the spiritual down to actually express itself on this level on the earth plane. So again, quite a big extensive topic in there, but I feel a lot of relevance. When we can get it at that level, when we see it done on the spiritual, to me that just empowers me, me personally when I go through this, it just empowers me to watch it come through in a way that delights me.

That is what I think we are here to do. I think we are here to be delighted. I think we are here to be in joy. We’ve lost that through the loss of these connections, but as these connections start turning on again, this is what I would like to see. It is another piece I would love to see, to be something on the Earth plane that everybody can step into if they want to. The knowing it is complete. The knowing we have done it on those levels of ourselves, and now having this ability to bring in more and more into the denseness until we actually bring it into the physical in a way that we can “Yes! That is what I wanted to do.”

Victor: If I may, some of the things that I was seeing while you were saying that was just like “Yes.” One of the things that I was seeing while Amy and you were sharing was that we are basically, in a sense, proof that the Golden Age is working because it is channeling into us. We are syncing up with and vibing with that Golden Age, whatever that is. That is why I think it’s becoming more real to me. I am tuning into a time in the future that is happening, that is, that is real.