In June of 2016, we did a channeling session, and this was part of what came through for me.

“There is also one thread woven into this tetrahedron, which is the trust, implicit trust, dear Marybeth, expressly in yourself. It is that recognition of what you have achieved. Where there are differences of viewpoints, there is that confidence and trust to steadfastly hold to that sense of integrity bound into your own viewpoints, that sense of integrity connected with your own discernment. And I call to let these awarenesses be held and woven into the structure of the tetrahedron that we have here, that it may feed back to you, reflect back to you these qualities within yourself, to amplify them and power them further.”

This was highlighted at the time for me. As I heard it unfold, I heard the trust, but I was not anticipating the “expressly in yourself” piece. I understood it, but I remember feeling it when it was said.

Within myself, I have played with what integrity means to me. I have never recognized an issue with it before, more a process of discovering it. If I recognized my own alignment, of course that is what I would do. It was an “of course.” Obviously, to me anyway, in my growings and awakenings, much of the time I have not really had such a precise alignment. Integrity has been more defining it than just knowing it. It was more about having experiences to find out what something felt like, and then I could make decisions from there.

But this channeling pointed me to my own integrity, not as a worry or a test, but as a clarity and pointing out to me that I know. The way things have often worked in my life, when I receive pointers like this, I recognize it is going to be something that will benefit me to be conscious of and to apply it when the experience arises that I will wish to know it. Basically, I am about to have an experience and this is the cheat sheet to my best way through it. I have always been given cheat sheets offering me a path on how to get through experiences before they happen. So, I made a note of it, and I worked with it mentally in what was available at the time.

Integrity has recently come up very strongly in an extended experience. Now, integrity is a word I have heard used a lot. Normally I find it to be when person A does something person B does not like, and person B makes the claim that person A is out of integrity. General agreement seems to be that integrity is outside oneself and one is supposed to align around it. I don’t know if it is actually ever defined that way, but that is most often how I have seen it used.

This experience played itself out over a number of years really. There came a point where I recognized a discomfort in me when I did something. This something was in alignment with what someone else had told me to do / think / say. It was important to them. And normally, I can simply honor those things. But I discovered, by allowing it, by having the experience, that it was not my truth. It was not in my integrity. There was a wonderful synchronicity to allow me to see clearly what my issue was. And then I could speak from there.

And, as the experience played out, I understood for the first time what it meant to be tempted. I had never understood how Jesus could be tempted from what I read in the Bible. It never made sense to me. But, now, I understood. There was an option that was presented to me in a fashion that made it easy to accept, obvious really. But I know that if I did that, what seems easy and obvious, that it would have an effect that I do not want to be responsible for. It will change what is possible for me to bring forward. It all sounds very dramatic, and I do not intend it to be so. But I am quite aware how I hold this one and what I saw.

As I start to recognize the power I hold, I am also recognizing that I do affect what I touch. There is a responsibility in this, and so there should be. And I like the definition of responsibility to be – the ability to respond. Yes, I truly am stepping into that.

After I understood the portrayal of Jesus’ temptation, I had about a two-week period when I understood statement after statement of Biblical quotes or concepts that I was aware I had not understood before. I really got it. For better or worse, I did not write down the revelations as they came in, so I do not know anymore what they were. But I was very aware of Jesus being with me in that time, showing me. And I do not normally call him that. He is normally Yeshua to me.

Also, from this same experience, this is the first time I see clearly that I am not understood. I cannot put it into words what I know here, and what is important here. I cannot even get the “lowest” part of the equation to be heard. It is really interesting. I am used to being in a conversation and meeting the other person in the conversation, both of us aligning, and for the other person to forget about it later or not remember how we got to what we did. They cannot hold it in the same way when I am not present. But this is new to me. In this, I know I am not being heard.

Now, because people ask me these questions, let me make a few things clear. It is not a problem I am not heard. Not at all. I see that there is a new concept landing that I have a glimpse of and others have just not seen it yet. It is simple. It will unfold. It is not a problem that I do not agree with what is expected of me. I will simply step back and not interfere. There is no hurt or rage. There is no suffering or struggle. Nothing needs to be said or done. Just because I said the other way was an easy way out does not imply that this way is difficult at all. I just had to see it. There is just an event that is still to be played out. The person that the experience is with bases her life and decisions around Jesus (and I will say, his love.) So, there is no way for this not to play out beautifully, for we are aligned through Jesus and through love.

Another piece that I heard within this, is that “she will see, and when sees it, then there will be a celebration in both the heavens and the earth.” Now, that feels like biblical talk again to me. I do not think that way. So, that has yet to play out more for me to understand the words. But I take two things from it for now. It is big, what we are playing out here. It is worth seeing whatever it is that I see and trusting myself and trusting my own integrity. And two, I have heard our non-physical friends use the word celebration in a way that I am aware I do not understand. I have recently asked for experiences to be able to understand that word. This is the first of the answer to that question. It is landing.

And yet another observation I have on this experience is, okay, not new, but definitely growing and becoming more usable, my ability to see on many levels, and to see how we use experiences like this to herald in new options. For a long time, I invoked my vision. It is landing. I can see on the densest scale the “reality” that would be explained in a normal conversation. She said this, and I said that. I can see on a level, I will call it higher, but obviously that is a limiting word that is not fully accurate, how this is playing out in some of the concepts that Rick and I are calling for, to bring in. And I see on yet higher levels how this is playing out in these expanded levels of beingness, or in the golden age which will embrace equality in new ways. I see the threads. Or, I know the connectedness between the different planes. And, I have learned how to hold my own vision, and to touch into “reality” to bridge reality into what I am creating. I don’t have to leave my reality to do so. It is not burdensome or difficult. It is joyful. It is full of energy. And I can touch many different points of reality and bring them all forward. So it is no longer waiting or being patient.