When we talk about connecting to divinity, the broad principle on which we continue to explore is the establishment of a pure and powerful connection to an essence of divinity, that essence of love, that essence of compassion, that essence of support, of nurture, of upliftment, of play, of joy, and of creativity. We can each feel this, reach for this. And we do. Sometimes we have a moment of connection. This has often been the “goal”, if there is one, in meditation, of reaching for divinity.

In some ways, I think many have always aspired to bringing this into creation, into their everyday life. And in some ways, I think that is what many are continuing to do today. This does not feel complete or accurate to me. But there are many perspectives, and to engage, we need to pick one. So let us just look at the concept of desiring to bring in this level of a pure and powerful connection to the essence of divinity into our daily life, whatever is desirable to play with. It may be when things are going really good that we can feel it already. It may be at certain times of the day we make this connection. It may be when we are struggling with something that we wish to invoke it. It may be when we are looking for a new job. It may be when we are cooking dinner or cleaning the home. It may be when we are feeling very out-of-balance, in anger, or despair, or frustration. Or, or, or … the list goes on. As I see it today, different people have different desires of when they wish to invoke a connection to divinity. And what may seem important to one is not even a thought to another.

If we just look at the fundamental nature of divinity, then there is no question to answer. We collectively are divinity. We are those aspects of divinity. (And yes, I do recognize this is not everybody’s truth either. Some do have questions. But that is not where I wish to explore.)

But here, where we are playing in the human experience, all things are not created equally, with “equal” meaning the same. We are not the same. Our experiences are not the same. Our abilities and desires are not the same. This construct has been created so that we can experience that divinity from different viewpoints.

It has been pointed out to me that in this time period, people are less willing to ask for or accept assistance. I have had experiences where I would agree, although I had not thought about it that way before the pointer. There is more the belief that we can do, or should be able to do, everything ourselves. And this is true in our spiritual communities as well. One example I saw many times was the desire by people to have direct communication with one’s angels or guides, but the unwillingness to have a reading done by another who was very proficient because “I should be able to communicate directly by myself.”

Various people have this ability to hold a channel open to divinity. Given everything else we know about this structure of humanity, it seems probable that not everyone has equal access. Are we willing to invoke it through another? For example, if I look at the access to the essence of divinity labeled “capable,” there was a moment for me that I was asked to climb a rock face. I did not possess capable in this experience. But the person that set up the experience had access to capable in that situation. I could see it clearly. I chose very deliberately to step into his connection, and I took it as my own.

So, if there is some difficulty in reaching directly for a connection to divinity, for inspiration, for encouragement, for upliftment, then there is this possibility to tune into one of your friends. There is a requesting of permission, which may be done simply within the space. This does not necessarily require a physical communication. There is an opportunity then to engage with that connection provided by a friend.

This works because of the tangibility. Your very direct love of a friend, your respect of them, your awareness of them, can allow this to flow. It can allow you to see it. And it is an empowering experience for the being through whom that energy may be drawn, for it broadens the flow of energy. It broadens the flow of love. It broadens the awareness, the stability, and the capability of the being who whom that energy is drawn.

It is understood by some that this was known and used by the Magdalenes. In the group energy where many were contributing to the holding open of channels from their own perspective and in their own way, there was a space created for Yeshua/Jesus to establish a connection of great power and magnitude through the support of those channels held open by friends and family.

I notice I breathe differently as I explore this topic. My physical body has become very relaxed. It feels right to me. I have been somewhat aware of the connection to divinity that I hold for some time now. I have heard and seen it reflected back to me. I remember times in the past where I feared that if I assisted others, then I would end up alone. I remember times when others saw this connection in me, and I could not accept it as being different than another. And I did not let the energy flow. I pointed the other to look within themselves for it now that they could feel it, attune to it.

I have held much separation in my own beingness. I have held the unwillingness to be seen. And I have held the fear of being alone if I stepped out. I recognize today it felt good and right to me to step into someone else’s powerful channel. And the results were great – I was successful. And from the times I have allowed others access to my own powerful connection, I have learned there is a greater connectedness, not a lesser one. I grow. I do not diminish. There is a greater support infrastructure to all. In the beautifully complementary way this works, this empowers the being willing to invoke the energy, and it empowers the being through whom the connection is made.