Welcome to my new website!

It has been a little while coming. It is a move from Awakening to Who We Are to Effortless Awakening, Magical Awakening, and bringing in this Golden Age.

I have a lot of work to do on this website to bring in the information and further the energy that I wish to express. Yet, I could not bring myself to post another blog on the old website. I know that by starting to write here, I am priming the pump in this direction, and it will empower me to bring the whole website forward.

There have been many days in the last month that I wanted to sit down and capture all that is moving and changing.

Let me just share one piece that has brought me to this moment. About a month ago, we had a breathwork weekend going on in our event space. One of the participants asked if she could stay with us so she did not have to travel to get to it. In one conversation I had with her, she asked about business. For probably five years now, the business has always referred to the Microsoft software distributorship. And, wow, there is a lot going on with that currently! And yet, I spoke for maybe 30 seconds to a minute on that topic and then started to tell her about Magical Awakening, about what I was looking to create on my website, and probably about bringing in the Golden Age. I was excited to share. I noticed my excitement in talking about it. And I also noticed my first. This was the first time that what I do, how I think, has become my work, my business. I think it might have even been that same day that I received the first payment through my website from a client.

And so a new chapter begins.