I feel amazing.

This week has been crazy. There are so many things new and changing. I am getting ready to go into an away-from-everything state – two full days … of I don’t know what yet, but going within for sure.

I woke yesterday knowing I wanted to start doing handstands. I do not remember being able to do one as a child. I could do a cartwheel. And I could walk around, and up and down stairs, in a back bend – as I recall it with my cousin using my belly as a drum! I’ll have to ask her sometime if I made that up.

Yet not a totally new thought. I remember wanting to do it when we moved into this home and I started using that beautiful workout space. But my shoulder was frozen and it just wasn’t possible.

So, yesterday, trusting my knowing and following through, I thought I would try. I was too scared to kick my legs up. So, I thought I could start with a headstand. That was simple using a wall. One or two tries and I was up. It felt great. Then I googled a bit and, of course, read if you don’t do it properly you can hurt yourself.

Today, lots going on energetically. No desire to work out at all. But I watched a couple videos. I found a great one on headstands. She was so graceful, and there were so many leg movement she added in. I watched her, and I knew that my body knows what to do. There is no potential danger. I tried it her way. On my second attempt, I was able to lift my legs gracefully into a headstand, no kicking up. No part of me touched the wall. It was very comfortable. There were a couple times my body adjusted and my legs went straighter probably. I wondered if I would tip and hit the wall, but I didn’t. In our group session, we are playing with being an energetic rod of light, or rod of power. I felt it was this rod that was straightening my body. That was so cool.

I did try a third time. Again, I was able to get up into a headstand without touching the wall behind me. I took 10 long breaths, and then got bored counting, so I started trying some of the legs movements I had seen on the video. I did touch the wall a couple times. But wow! Big smile from me today.

I still feel like there is a lot moving within me, which means I desire to be really still. But somehow standing upside down on my head is okay 🙂