Life is just full of one great moment after another. It is power. It is beauty. It is clarity. It is fluidity. It is laughter. It is appreciation. It is integrity. It is relationships. It is wisdom. It is awareness. Life is a wow!

I think it has been a long day today. As things have been moving, I had the thought to repeat a Kundalini Yoga program that was created for me about three years back already. So I looked at some of my old notes this morning. Many of the first days of that program I not only dealt with nausea, but I had many “crash” periods where I just slept for 4-5 hours at a time. In our work with our non-physical friends, Rick and I have been invited to play more with the connections below, or with an aspect of Gaia. And in the last week, when I have had time to myself, I have crashed again. So that has been on my mind again lately, what it is that I do when I crash like that. So, I decided, with the clarity that I love this morning, that I want to do a channeling session on Kundalini Yoga. There are so many connections around this topic. I have been spiraling around it since I was introduced to it. So I am excited to have a topic to address, to ask about. Because you know you always get answers when you can ask questions!! So I am excited to see a space I am really curious about because so often I simply do not have questions. I know it is a vast topic. I know it is not just one session – if it is ready to open now. So I hold appreciation for all the connections that came in to me today. I appreciate the invitation to play more directly with Gaia and to start to open up my connection more with her. And as I say that, I remember knowing years ago, in one of the past spirals, that my Kundalini is connected to Gaia’s. I appreciate that Rick has developed his ability to channel so very clearly for me. And I appreciate that Rick likes to play where I want to play. I am really just starting to see the power available as we work together. And this excites me!

We had a short visit with my Dad today. And the synchronicities are so obvious and so consistent. We both feel these roles we are playing here are being so carefully orchestrated. And everyone plays such a beautiful role! Rick has a gift from his work in the Clairvision School to offer Dad in his transition. He had an unexpected opportunity to share his thoughts directly with Dad today, and Dad was very excited about it. It was really magical.

In the last three days, I have spent a good amount of time summarizing past transcriptions of the channeled sessions Rick and I have done. And they are simply brilliant. They make me smile. They make me laugh! And they are so very gracious! Wise and funny and really present too, but I really love the graciousness. Yes, this is who I wish to be. This is who I want to hang out with. They mirror me to me. When I am really with them, or when I even reread our conversations, I learn so much about myself. They hold a beautiful space for me. It is a slow process for me to start to see what I want, to start to see how to play with them, but it is beginning. Life is just beginning (yet again).