I have been following a book called “Your Zodiac Soul: Working with the twelve zodiac gateways to create balance, happiness and wholeness”, by John Wadsworth, around the wheel. Today I read the chapter on Aquarius because the Sun is currently in Aquarius. We are in the seasonal time of Aquarius.

I found it really interesting and timely today. I have been noticing my thoughts in the last week, and feeling a little more detached from the normal drama and meaning I tend to put to things. I have started to step past seeing the foundations I have built – inner and outer – and I have started to question how I can use them to benefit more than me. I love what I have created for myself, but is there more?

John’s words right at the beginning of the chapter made a statement out of my question. “You have the opportunity to give back now, and as your own cup is filled, so let its contents spill over and nourish others. You are the water-bearer now, and you can be a river to your people.” This is where I am.

And I really like the Aquarian questions. Perfect for my contemplation right now. “What makes me different and what difference do I make?”

The other piece I am aware of today is that in the last couple days my thoughts have come back to some Magdalene teachings that kind of sit with me but I have not really focused on – and that is the offer to bring in the easing of the aging process. I understand I can do this. I just have not really put any thought into what it will take to really do it. I have just sort of assumed it will happen, but I started to wonder if I needed to put some attention on it, some curiosity. I find it interesting to have this connection, the potential availability through the archetype of Aquarius, to this fountain of youth, to this elixir of immortality.

Once again, astrology, and John’s book in particular, gives me things to contemplate this month. And more than that, it really aligns with what I was noticing and seeing. Seeing this energy I am in as an archetype allows me another path in to play more consciously with it.