Horus is expressing a loud hello again today. This feels very multi-dimensional. I see potentials of many threads here.

From a general view of archetypes, there sits the potential of a re-writing the story of the Earth and creation, from the rather short time frame of his-story as we now know it, to the more expanded view maybe even commencing with the idea of the creation of this planet.

There is potential to delve into archetypes and what they are and how we can work with them. As we look at what it means to be a creator, we see there may be relevance to utilizing aspects that have already been created and which already are empowered with an existing belief and understanding around them. There is a knowledge of the archetypes, even if it is not always a conscious one. There is a familiarity. I do not see it as bringing back something that was, or trying to recreate, or giving power to them. But I do see potential in working with archetypes to add to creation, to add to the archetype, and to create new by engaging. In this moment, I do not see any difference from choosing to work with an archetypal being on a project to working with a human friend on a project. We add to each other. We grow. We evolve. There is synergy in engaging.

There is potential in working with the archetypes of ancient Egypt to delve further into Earth energies through the totemic world.

And there is potential in my space to working with Horus in particular. I feel it around Yeshua/Mary Magdalene, around sacred sexuality, or divine Tantra, and I also feel there is potentially a connection to the “light conception” concept that was highlighted in my being several years ago. I am interested to learn more about Horus and see what is possible, and to learn why he is knocking on our door right now. What is it that he sees?