I have been meaning to write for some time now. And that is true on several levels really. I was doing some prep work the other day for writing a book. It may still be titled Perfection and Ease, but I also found myself writing Awakening to Who We Are. I only wrote that line for the blog because I felt obliged to, and those were the words that came to me. But wow, they have really been foundational.

Thursday and Friday last week I have the privilege of witnessing a friend go through a profound ending in her life with ease and joy and grace on day and a powerful opening the very next day into what seems to be a new life, yes, long-awaited and called for. Friday was equally a very highlighted day for Rick in so many things coming together, coming to completion, moving forward. It really felt significant to me. Like we have all entered a new world.

We went to Tintagel, Cornwall two weekends past. I should be getting pictures up on Facebook shortly. Looking back, a whole week ago, I remember that was a life-changing event for me. We had a discussion on the way there about contrast. How we use contrast to discern what we do want. How we use contrast – opposites – to have a tool that has infinite uses. Think of light versus dark, and every variant in between. If you are into astrology or maybe the medicine wheel offers the same perspective, think of the opposites or polarities presented there. I don’t believe I often get caught in it when speaking, but I was shown in the next 24 hours how I will allow my focus to follow a thread of explaining how I got there when I see I am on a new pathway. I decided to cut all cords to that mechanism. I choose to accelerate where I am choosing to head to. I could really feel that one. I think I mentioned recently I felt I have recently awakened from a 6-month plus hibernation?? Here we go!

Yesterday Rick and I brought forward thoughts for our next we had an opening into our next travel. We would like to commit to travel once every two months, three to seven days away. There seemed to be a lot of energy behind our statements yesterday. We are planning to spend one week at the Isle of Skye, Scotland, in September. We both felt the possibility that others may wish to join us. Maybe one will step forward to lead us to the sacred spots there. Maybe some will wish to come hang out with us, explore with us or learn from us. First thought was to pay attention if someone came to mind to invite them. Second thought was to put an open invite out on Facebook to allow it to be seen by whomever. Third thought was to put the invite out through The Gables page, although we can each copy it to our own pages. There is something about linking it and our travels to our land connection here and/or to our spiritual center. This is something we have talked about in different ways over the years, but it landed “suddenly and unexpectedly” in what we thought was going to be a light conversation. Funny. It was light – that was the power in it. I look forward to what is ready to open here. It has been a long time coming.

And today is Full Moon and Lammas festival day. I have noticed this approaching. That is a first for me – to energetically be attuned to it. To honor the feeling within me, I will do a ceremony / ritual today to celebrate.