I am in a musing space today. Just really started seeing recently this energy that runs through me and that is me, and that it is possible for this aspect of me to find more expression. Gosh, I dislike words. They are incredibly inaccurate. But I do not wish to take time to find better ones because when I do that, nothing gets written.

Let’s see if I can turn on the flow and allow it to express in words. Let’s see if I can step into clarity and know what I know. I was seeing earlier this morning all the different ways that people choose to express themselves. I understood more deeply the concept that it does not matter what I choose to do, but it does matter that I choose to do. Picking a playground, choosing a direction, allows this flow to express. It allows me to interact and to make it accessible to others. It allows it to flow on the surface of this earth plane.

Today an invitation to a retreat landed in my inbox. This happens often. But today I paused for a different reason. In the past, I would pause to connect in and see if it resonated with me, if it felt like it was something that would assist me or that I would enjoy or that would offer me growth in an area. Today, I saw this invitation to Avalon Initiation, and I wondered what would happen if I started to support these initiatives of others. Could I turn this flow on in such a retreat to give me a playground to learn how to feel this energy, learn how to direct it into what I want to enhance? I am sure I can since I see it today.

Life looks different again today.