Contrast. Sometimes contrast helps us to see what we want. I find myself using contrast to see where I am more clearly.

There was an old adage I used to believe pretty fully: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. I find myself in a space now where I need to weed out all such beliefs. I have created a life where all aspects of my life are now absolutely amazing. I am in awe every day, many specific moments of every day. It is consistently being brought to my attention. There is a part of me that does know it only gets better, because that is a known I have also held for a very long time and I have no intention of dissolving that one yet. And yet, there is still a further grounding of this level of acceptance of abundance to occur within me. I see that too.

I hear my internal question: How much can I really have? And I know the answer: As much as I allow myself.

I recognized two other related pieces in the last week also. This space I have created and stepped into is heaven on earth. I recognize this because I heard myself say it the other day about one particular piece I was really enjoying reveling in. Very recently I saw an overview of my purpose in this lifetime, and it brought me back to a way I stated it years ago: I am here to bridge heaven and earth, or, I am here to bring heaven to earth. As I brought the recognition in consciously to this self that I have stepped into heaven on earth, I understood that for me to be the bridge, or for me to bring this in so others can see it and partake, as they choose, I need to bring it in through me first. I have to be able to hold it first. It somewhat is a channel through me, a bridge, but more, it is that I need to ground it into and through my own being, my own physicality. As I can embody it more, the more it is tangible and reachable for others through me.

This is where I want to play.

A friend recently shared: There is a desire within you to contribute significantly to a shift in consciousness of friends and acquaintances and to provide an upliftment and a raising of the bar upon that which is possible.

I say “Yes.” This is me awakening. I am willing to open up more of who I am, to let it unfold as a flower unfolds and offers its beauty and its gift. I do find joy in raising the bar upon that which is possible. This is where I want to play. I am in.