There is honestly nothing new here. It is really just another example. I have used baby steps, or gradient steps, as long as I have been conscious of becoming aware of myself.

I have been aware of the personal Merkaba for a long time. I met someone years ago who used his tangibly and consciously. The experiences he has are very cool! He gave me instructions how to do it for myself back then, and those instructions still have no real meaning to me. I could not make it tangible with how he offered it, even though I would have liked to and I really spent time on what he gave me. And we have brought in much information and experiences around the Merkaba in the Mastering Alchemy teachings. And so have many other teachers and channels. It is not new.

So, I have had experiences, yes. Yet, I see now that I was holding a belief that traveling in a Merkaba was something I could not do yet. I held it in the future, something I could do in the future. Yet we just did a simple exercise in meditation the other day and I was able to see the gradient step. I can travel this way, in a Merkaba, as we were pointed to. I can do that now, today, not in the future. There is an experience around it. And I see that for me, I have to keep it very simple yet. But in those moments, I was aware of what we were doing. I was aware I was capable at the level it was being presented. I was aware it was a gradient step and I could no longer say or believe that I could not travel in my Merkaba.

There is so much available to be opened right now for all of us, many flows of energy potentials. I see it, hear it, everywhere I look. I find more and more my focus coming to increasing my own personal power and capability, not focusing on what is possible “out there.” What can I do now? And it was pointed to me that for these flows to open, there is work to do on the belief systems that I hold. The example I just found was I did not believe I could travel in a Merkaba now. And yet, what I found, as I always have, is that a gradient step is possible from where I am currently. I had to define more precisely what “travel” means for right now. And yes, I can do that.

And from that new knowing, there is always a new possibility that shows itself, the next baby step. I have family in Michigan who are getting together this weekend to celebrate birthdays. We have always done that. I am very familiar with the home they will be meeting at. I am very familiar with the feel of being there. I would be there in the physical if I was closer. But I feel new possibilities today.

What is available in these new flows? I have heard about people who can be in different places physically. And this was before these new energies were available as they are now. I believe that what was available to only a few before is now more generally accessible. I know I do not currently hold the belief I can be there physically for them to see me. I do see my blocks there. Yet I wonder what I am capable of doing now. How much of me can be there? What baby step am I capable of really taking and bookmarking as my new benchmark?