So much has happened in the last three months. I say that because I see the last time I wrote anything here was just over three months ago. There have been times I felt things that I wanted to share / saw it in my mind, but never got it “to paper”. Within the last two weeks, I sat down to write and had nothing to say, so I didn’t. Today, I feel the space is starting to open.

It is always significant for me when I speak to one of you and find you read my posts and gain something out of it for you. So, I shall continue to share for a while.

What I see today is that I had energy to write until up to the winter solstice. In this winter season, it is not that I have been “just” hibernating, but I do think much has been going on within. I find it interesting we are coming up on the spring equinox soon, and I feel enough energy behind me again to start to poke my head out and say hello to the world again.

And that much of a hello and check-in feels all that is appropriate for today.