Today is a new day. I went through some shifts in the early morning hours that changed me. It is one of those days where you feel yourself looking out through your eyes because it is new somehow. Who you are behind your eyes has changed. This is different than having a new belief and the changes that brings to who you are now.

What landed today is around the sexuality piece, or the Kundalini piece, or how we begin to manifest / create with the Earth and Spirit. I cannot find any words to put to it that is different than anything I have heard said before. So, I am not going to try.

I see clearly again that I am a teacher. There was one class in my lifetime that I was not able to teach to other students. It was called Advanced Calculus, I think. Basically, it was a proof-writing class. That was one of my most enjoyable classes, for it used my creativity. That was the only time I could not back up a teacher to help him get through to the other students.  I could not offer anything different than what he did. You really needed to find your own way through it.

Today is like that. This is the first time that something has landed clearly for me that I cannot teach (or share) with words. I am sure I will be able to land it in such a way to be made usable. If I am right, it is fundamental. Maybe words will come later. Might also be that it is just beginning to land, and the part I newly have access to is knowing how to bring it in.

Life will change from this day forward. It is a new trajectory. It is also simply a continuation of the path I have seen glimpses of for a very long time. Many things made sense to me this morning that I have been told before but did not understand until now.