In the sequence of the pilgrimage, yesterday was a travel day. We moved from Glastonbury, Somerset to Boscastle, Cornwall. We picked up a separate bus so both groups could make the trip as those testing positive could not join the main bus. I spent a lot of time looking at my life and all that was going on and all the potential changes. It was a highly internal day and a day of writing out my thoughts and what I see and what I want. I am now on a mission. I feel it. I know it. I want it. Life is changing. I am ready.

Along the way we stopped at Brent Tor. It was a beautiful rocky countryside. It was on the Michael & Mary lines. AA Michael was in stained glass at St Michael’s Church on top of this tor. There was a winding path up. I felt like we were in procession. My arms were out, feeling the wind. I walked around the top and sat in the church for a bit. We did a group circle and a short meditation together.

It was so windy, we all decided to go down and back to the bus early. I walked down by myself. Again, my arms out. I was singing. I met a man near the bottom. He was just going up. We said hello and started speaking. I shared the Michael / Mary ley lines information. He wasn’t sure why he shared, but he shared his brother was in surgery right now with a brain tumor and they are not sure he will survive the surgery. At the same time, their dad collapsed and had died before he could get there. My body felt his story. I offered heartfelt blessings and peace.  

We then got back on the bus and headed into the quaint village of Tavistock for lunch.  

Crossing the border into Cornwall, we stopped at Sue’s barn for crystals and a warm welcome to Cornwall. We had a fire circle on the magical land. And then we were offered scones and tea, and, of course, access to the crystal shop. Sue had a crystal grid displayed that I learned later was in honor of our pilgrimage. It is at Sept 4.

Today is the first day we are back together as a group when we are at the sights. We are just traveling on separate buses now. Our first stop was at The Hurlers. Sue Weaver joined us today. Among other things, she brought 4 crystal dragon heads from the grid she made for the group. I carried one. We placed them on the land where we were going to do ceremony. I could feel the precision.

We were smudged. We walked in procession into the circle. I paused at the entry stone and greeted it and introduced myself. I asked to receive all that is mine to receive. I offered to give from the new level of being that I am.

Marcus led a guided meditation. Sun into our heart and then into the land, creating a golden pyramid. Wrapping silver threads of light, merging masculine and feminine. Balanced. Expanding the column into the two next to us, a circle and a stone circle. Breathing balanced energy into the earth and out the ley lines.

This was a meeting of Michael / Mary with Merlin / Morgana lines. The flower of life geometry was at the crossing of the lines. I would like to be able to dowse or feel that detail for myself. For now, I choose to take Marcus’ word for it.

While in the expansive column, I found myself in a discussion in my own head about making love. I was a “Yes” on the spiritual, soul, mental, and emotional levels. I did not know on the physical level. I watched this inner discussion repeat a couple times, expand out, and then I saw it. I saw the conversation. I became aware. And then I said yes. I said yes to making love in the circle, in the ceremony, energetically. There was not a connection with a person there.

In hindsight, I have memories of sexuality coming up in my first “ceremony” in Arkansas. And there were sexuality pieces when I went to Egypt. This feels significant, feeling sexual energies when working with land energies. I will learn more.

Then we contracted back to ourselves. Several touched the ground. Eventually I squatted down, both hands on the earth. I connected with the earth star chakra, her/my Kundalini. I found myself making circles, maybe just internally, with my pelvis. I felt my vaginal walls squeeze tighter to pull this energy up deeper into me.

We were set free to wander. I walked to the second fuller circle. I made sounds on the way. I was in purpose. I don’t remember whether the sounds were different than what I have heard from me before.

I paused at an entry stone. I sang as I walked clockwise around the circle. I touched many of the stones. I leaned against the entry stone on the way in and on the way out.

Then I went back to the middle circle where we did ceremony. I walked halfway, clockwise. I stopped at the entry stone, imagined myself across the circle and walked counterclockwise back to myself.

Then I went to what is left of the third circle. I touched the first stone. I sang something different here. Something about One.

My arms were out for sure out at the first one. Probably out for all three.

It was windy the whole time. The Sun came out at the end of ceremony. It rained for the walk back.

I went back to center before Marcus drummed. I was complete. I wrapped up the dragon head after the crystal centerpiece was taken. I was on purpose. I felt the precision. I carried a crystal singing bowl back.

 It drizzled on the walk to lunch. Poured rain most of lunch but stopped by the time to leave.

I received a reach out from an acquaintance who is ready to experience Moments with Marybeth. Exciting.

Aluna talked about solar flares and how they magnify where you are. She says mostly people comment on the negative, but that it is the same for if you are in a positive state. She said it started the night before last and through yesterday. The night before last I was on such a high. Radiant. And yesterday morning I was in a noticeable great, high energy again. This is great confirmation and validation for where I am internally and what I am seeing.

This afternoon was Duloe, a white quartz, Moon circle. Wow! As I approached and touched the first stone, I said hello. I could not speak to it in the way I have been at other stone circles. I just stopped and felt. I walked clockwise again around the circle even though most were going counterclockwise.

Marcus gave us some background information/experience of the power of it at night, and at full moon.

I laid against a stone for a long time. Just went deep into the earth. Deep in the earth I go. Deep in the earth I know.

Eventually I came out of that and laid on the ground. I felt the Sun on my face, the earth under me, and the wind blowing across me.

We stood up and came into circle. We sang a song together. Aluna shared that a group of beings entered or was there. The best words she had was they wanted to give us something. Best words, but not right, was passing the baton. I held my hands out to receive and my whole body responded.

Later Marcus felt maybe it was a circular baton, from one group to another group. Durga and one other felt it as a cauldron.

There was talked of the ley lines possibly shutting down and then rebooting. This happened to Aluna at home on Plume line. It reminded me of Emma and her sight that as humanity is stepping into a new way of being, so are the ley lines.

No rain this afternoon. It was a perfect day.