And a whole month rolls by! More than a month even. How was the new year and the month of January for you? I am certain I have had too much move and shift to be able to tap into it all. But let’s see what wants to come up to be shared here.

I went into one Moments with Marybeth session feeling like I’d just reached a new level of stability and confidence and I offered that as our starting point. And I left that same session seeing I needed to level up again!

I saw many things. I felt many things. While in the session, I kept seeing this may be a good session to transcribe and base my first book around this energy. By the end of the session, I was able to put words to what I was seeing from their words. A big goal of mine has been completed already!

I have stated the desire to create an environment so tangible and welcoming, that as others step into it, they feel it. They have a simple thought. Yes, this is where I want to be. And off they go into the new way of being, leaving the old and the drama behind.

I heard both participants express stories where they did this. Even acknowledging that they know it should have been a big deal and a lot of effort, but it was really just a simple decision. And the decision really was based in self-love. In love of self, of course, I want this and not that. There is no push against. There is no battle. All is done. All is simple. And life moves forward on a new trajectory.

That felt deeply in my beingness. An unexpected completion. I believed that was a life-long project until those moments. And yet, it makes sense for it to play out and be seen on the micro level before it goes out to the world. It is ready to go out to the world.

And then, that very evening was the first gathering of a new triad I have formed. That is expansive work. I had already forgotten what brought us together in the first place. As I spoke at the beginning, I noticed and spoke out loud that right on the tail of that major completion, I step into this meeting which is as massive a beginning as that was a massive ending.

I had a great meeting with Alexander Dunlop, author of Play Your Cards Right. This is the information I call the Book of Life. This comes from the Order of the Magi. I have a deep connection into this material and I have decided to start to work with it more. I don’t know what that will look like yet in what I can offer, but for now, I have affiliated with Alexander.

These Source Cards, this Book of Life, is none other than the deck of playing cards. For example, my primary cards are the Three of Clubs and the Three of Spades. I do refer to this energy sometimes and I can see myself starting to use it more. If you are curious and want to get started, go to the Source Cards to look up your cards and find out the game of your life. There will be more to be said on this topic later. In the meantime, let me know if you have played here before, if you would like to know more, if you have any questions.

The last piece I will bring in is that the end of December and most of January were foundational times. I was sifting and sorting on all sorts of levels. Some I could see and put words to, others not so much. I just knew I was in a process. Some of the questions I had, I would walk around it and get to an answer, only to find myself asking it again a few days later from a different perspective.

I find myself starting February in a space where I am solid, secure, happy. I have decided to anchor / root in Glastonbury. It feels really different to have made that decision. I put the few pictures I have up on the walls finally. I am starting to draw to me certain energetic art pieces to dress my home. I feel an underlying sense of purpose and showing up more fully.

From that space, I am reaching for next levels of vision and direct communication with the non-physical. I have been focused on a channel for me that spoke of holding the energetic line of the Earth as we go through this transition, being able to bring it in with less turbulence. I would like to be more aware and cohesive here.

I have started consciously reaching for assistance in awakening the next level of me as I have completed the sifting and sorting and choosing in the last month or so. I have decided what I want, where I want to live. I have put myself firmly in the equation of my life. In this foundation, I am ready to hold the next layers that are coming through.

This is a bring it on energy. Not one I call on very often!