We started the pilgrimage in the Beech room at a London hotel in opening circle. I took no notes on it. I do not remember much. I remember thinking and seeing that many of the experiences I have and where I have been playing were what was being talked about being needed now. I remember sharing a little of who I am and in the last couple days I seemed to have wrapped up so many projects and brought things to a completion that I felt I was preparing on the inner levels to come back changed, ready to create the next new phase of my life. I do remember Aluna talking about an extra bubble coming up around us. She understood it to be that we would have experiences or receive energy / information that we would not be able to integrate in this time, but the bubble would contain it for us for later integration.

Our journey began at Bury St. Edmunds, the most north-eastern point on our journey. We visited the garden ley lines, the cathedral, the abbey, and St. Mary’s Church.

We entered at the Mary arch and the main path followed the Mary line. She was strong and wide. Beautiful flowers on either side. I just felt good. Those dowsing found the energies extended the whole width of the path we were on. Several played with walking the width of it to start to feel their own experience in connecting with the ley line energies.

As we walked, we came up a little mound with two beautiful oak trees on it. The one on the right really called to me. I put my hand on one of the larger roots to stay near the group, but then left the group to lean fully against it. I just shut my eyes and stood there. As I left the area, I wondered if that was a connection with my new Druid guide I had been told about.

As we walked to the next place, I watched my fingers meet in the middle of my forehead and slide across the tops of my eyebrows. Something about the 3rd eye. I did this 11 times.

We found the place where the Michael meets the Mary near the crypt. Michael was weaker / harder to find. Spontaneously, we formed a circle. I needed to take off my shoes & socks and touch the earth more intimately. I love the feel of being barefoot. I closed my eyes during most of that and went within. Strong energies. We did a guided meditation.

When the group was done, I stayed there. I squatted. I sat. Eventually I laid down and shut my eyes. And then I was complete, but I still didn’t move much. I was content.

There was energy for me in St. Mary’s Church. I took a couple pictures. There was a Star of David, and there were angels. As we were about to leave, one of the women told me there was a picture of Mary that I needed to see. This was a newer artist. She was right. I could have sat there a long time had I seen it earlier. A song came out of me as I was in the energy of it. I had to hurry to catch up with the group. I was in that energy and that song for a while as we walked.