What a beautiful world we live in. Right here. Right now.

We held one of our energy group meetings last night. We heard through the channeled space that one of the recent changes is there has been a relaxing in the energies of the world. There has been a relaxing attained. It is almost like a point of release from the fixed-ness of certain patterns.

It sounds familiar. I found myself in a space recently where I felt structures dissolving, falling away. I just remember watching it and consciously agreeing to it. Trying to put words to it later, it appeared to be letting go of defense mechanisms and protections I had set up. It did not seem to be taking down a structure to rebuild it. It felt more like it was just complete. On the look back, I recognized that I was just a “yes” on that offering. There was no little tugs from my belly. There were no little thoughts of “but” or “what if”. I was clear.

It is my understanding that we have stepped across a line, as humanity, where we have looked at what is going on with the lens of seeing differences, and we have the light available, as a collective, to start to see similarities now. Individually, we have had this opportunity for a while. My understanding is this is a broader step. It is not becoming one, as in all being the same, or all being friends. It is more understanding the broader experience in life and beginning to feel this spirit of brotherhood, sisterhood, fellowship for fellow human beings, right where we all are today.

I have had three experiences in a row with others where a new sense has turned on. I know more. I sense where they are, what their next step is. Not good words yet. I just know I know more about them. I am good with that. I have just set the intention to learn how to share what I see in a way that empowers them.

I had a good experience in my practice of Magical Awakening with a friend. Plan is to open to the others who were interested in playing and see if more wants to open.

I find myself in a world where I am aware there are many events happening outside in the world, even many stories from very different viewpoints about the same event, yet the ability to choose to interpret them in the manner I wish has become increasingly a matter of my choice. How do I wish to see it? What is the empowering story? Yes, I have been doing that consciously for years now. It has become natural, familiar, not something I have to remember to do. It is automatic. The difference now is I am starting to see how powerful and valuable this practice is for me. It really works.