Lately I feel very much like I am cheating, and that Universe will just continue to honor it.

Everything is so good. Everything works. Everything I touch blossoms. And as it, out there being reflected back to me, blossoms, I grow in power and beauty and love and joy. And then when I touch another person or project from that experience, it spirals out and happens again, only increasing in bounty. And the joy I experience gets quieter and deeper. And the love that I experience as who I am expands. All is magnifying right now. And it is so very simple, perfection and ease exemplified.

Years ago I remember sitting down to journal and I simply wrote “I am love.” And there were no more words to accompany it. That was a highlighted space because normally I just wrote a lot. And at that time, I expected different words, like “I am loved” or “I am loving,” like there was something to do with it, give or receive. Today it is an obvious truth. When I “scan” me, when I observe me, I am love. And I feel the power in what I call love here. It is tangible, usable.

I have found memories surfacing in the last couple weeks. Many pointers to who I am and who I always have been. And I have grown in knowing that one thing I do sincerely want, one of my missions or purposes in life, is to empower. I would say it is to empower others, but I know this cannot be done without simultaneously empowering myself, so, I find I am more and more willing to engage and to step into my own power.

And this brings me back to the beginning of my own awakening. So many stories come back and I see the spirals that shape me. I walked a labyrinth. I asked for a message. I received the words “power” and “beauty”. I understood so very little back then. I knew they had meaning because they came to me. That in itself may have been a first for me. So I got as far as knowing they had something to do with me.

Now, there is no separation within me. As I feel and observe my power and its results, I feel beautiful. I radiate beauty. It does get reflected back to me, yes, but that is not even the point. I feel. I know me. That is the point. And that is growing, and the fruits long talked about are now being seen. Much, much, much can happen from here.

And I am sure I have written this before! Yet, I know my experience in this time is heightened and new. That is just a part of awakening, beautiful spirals of evolution.