Have you noticed that more and more is becoming clear?

My book, my writing, has come strongly to the fore again in the last week for a couple reasons. The title was Perfection and Ease. And there was a subtitle. I just looked it up:  A New Way of Life. Yes, that is what I feel happening right now. We are, or I am, creating a new way of life, a new way of living, a new way of being. I have felt many times in the last three to four days. This was one of the reasons my attention has come back to my writing. I feel it again.

Until recently, or maybe still true in general, living was connected to doing. A very common question in getting to know someone is: What do you do? And that often really implied: What do you do for a living? Living was correlated to doing.

But we are making a shift now. The new way of living, the new way of experiencing the world is by choosing who we are being. It is “being” differently.

And how do we do that, you ask? We start to consciously invoke and channel higher vibrations into our Being. What does that even mean? Many call it light. Bringing the light into the physical. When you get it, the words make sense. But what happens if they don’t make sense? Words are so limited, but I believe we all are having similar experiences. And I know we all have the ability to step into the new opportunities.

One way to look at it is finding others to work with who we feel a tangible difference when we are with them. I say this because I get reflections back all the time about what is possible when others are with me. I think we are here to help each other. It starts with feeling it, feeling the difference. Notice when you are in what I would call a higher vibration. Or, more simply said, maybe. Notice when you are really smiling from the inside. Or notice when your breathing just becomes easier and you feel like you can relax a little. Or notice when you have creative thoughts flowing. Or notice when there is a “Yes”, or a knowing you can do “that” when the thoughts land.

We start to anchor and bookmark these higher vibrations and we start to consciously become these as we live life. It is not so much going into higher vibration in meditation or within a group experience, only to have to come out of it to go back to the “real world! Life becomes about the being that we are being.

I love the play on words here with the different definitions of being. Can we start to recognize our Beingness (from this perspective) is simply who we are choosing to be in this moment? Did we know we could choose? Can we see this is so much more than not showing “who we really are” or “what we really think” to the world? Can we see this is so much more than playing a role that we think we should play to get along in this world?

I find, more and more, things are so very obvious to me. I say them out loud, and others say, “Oh, wow. I really like that way of looking at it.” At the same time, I find the messages that I see, the clarity that I see, is offered in many ways by many teachers or authors right now.