This current journey began April 30, 2021. Rick and I were initiated into the Bardic Grade of Druidry.

That night I found myself playing extensively in reaching for astral travel. I was so aware of where I was consciously and what I was reaching for, practicing.

In the morning, I spoke with Rick. I asked him to hold space for me as I take this next step of working to open astral travel. I noted to him that morning that I saw to work directly with the White Eagle. He commented that the prior night, after the initiation, he saw White Eagle in me or around me. I also asked him to remind me of our morning meditation if I forget because I would like to turn off my alarm for a while.

As I was speaking, I saw that in this step I am also breaking the structure that has held me in my wobble free space. We started softening this 4 years ago. I did work with it back then, but I see it so much clearer now.

Several days later, I found myself in that waking/sleeping state fully invoking Sanat Kamara and charging and amplifying the frequency of my physical body. I could see my psychic abilities turning on from this space, very connected to letting go of my wobble-free space.

Somewhere in that space, I don’t remember order, could have been earlier, could have been the same night, but I learned to drop my patience and override my own structures. In the past, when I saw what I wanted and felt the fear within me, I would set the path to open for me. I would know the direction I was going, and I would focus on something else to let that play itself through. This time, I watched myself make a new choice. I moved through the old structures. I overwrote them. It was not forceful. It was not in resistance to what was there. I just decide now was the time to move forward and it was no big deal at all. No push. No arguing. No engaging the old. Just a focus on what I know I want.

Vast moments of every day now I am in a state beyond appreciation. I am in celebration. I am very aware of the smile deep within me.

All of these are new. I am in a new space. The precision and the desire to astral travel is new. I have been aware of astral travel before and held a curiosity around it. But this feeling and this knowing is different. Asking Rick directly for assistance for something longer term is new. Knowing I wanted to work with the White Eagle, with one non-physical presence, is new. Used to be that when I started to feel reaching for one, I would think, but what about the others? What am I missing if I don’t choose the others? Plus, I think there was a misguided loyalty woven in there also where I felt I should include the others. I knew that was my issue not theirs, but I still saw and felt it. Until now. When I spoke to Rick of the breaking of that cherished and much used and appreciated structure that Rick named “wobble free”, the remnants of holding onto it (tension in my gut) was maybe 5 or 10% of what it used to be.  I have never invoked Sanat Kumara or any other being at that level. It was like calling a friend and saying, “I need you” and knowing they would come. Not quite. It was calling a team member and saying, “I need your expertise on this piece.” And both the quality and quantity of my own vibration and frequency is new. What a great life and opportunity this is.