This past Thursday night we had a channeled session with a group. This one had a very high, full energy experience for me. In the hours after the session, I just played within the “high” energy. I started to use the washing-the-cells concept, but found myself understanding how to feed / nourish each cell with this light energy. I started giving myself permission to need even less sleep and less food.

I sat down to write Friday morning and I heard the birds outside my window. I realized the starlings might not have come through yet. I stood outside for 15 minutes that morning, noticed how my sense of feeling / hearing seemed to be expanded all around me, out into the fields. My hearing was more precise, and it was different. When the starlings did come, I started to play with this same energy that I normally run through me, through my body, and I extended it consciously to say hello to the birds. I allowed / directed the energy to be expressed also in sound, through my laughter. They will know me by my laughter. In playing with this energy in the last two weeks, I have started to know my connection with Nature. I am starting to be able to communicate with it/them. (You cannot hold me to direct proofs yet. I do not have them. These are first feelings, first knowings. But I know it is opening.)

Today I recognize the statement about about giving myself permission was not quit accurate. I don’t think I was just starting it then. I think it is a new iteration. I became very conscious of my eating yesterday. I was eating when I was not hungry. I am not sure why. It was automatic eating, not something I normally do. Good foods, I have no concerns, yet I was aware it felt different. Maybe I needed to eat more. Maybe I am starting to need less, but not all aspects of me have caught up. I will just continue to allow this awareness to open. I am definitely letting my physical body take the lead on this one. My direction around it is well-being and simplicity.

I find I am currently waking about 5 AM and playing with these new tools / teachings. Often I find I am in the space automatically, and then I choose to participate more consciously. I normally stay in that space until about 6. Of course I go in and out of the waking state, but it remains a great playground. There was more specifics earlier, but I have lost touch with what I was working on. Maybe I will learn to write before I open my E-mail.

There have been so many changes in me this year, and so many changes in my external world also. Gosh, I don’t like putting words to some things. Better aligned within me. I guess I will just share this. Not long ago I was feeling completions. I felt like many things were ending. Then I remember a phase where I felt like there were so many things beginning. Everything was new. Now, I seem to be in this phase where I have many things I am juggling and holding and moving forward. Iterations are the new phrase. There is no reach for completion. There is seeing the next step and taking that. It is not waiting until something is complete so I only have to deal with it once, there is taking it forward as I see it … and not waiting anymore. Those are big words for me. Gosh, I used to wait a lot. Now, I don’t feel like I am waiting. I feel like I am in the game. And I like the playground I have chosen to play on. So much is good and right.