We moved to Cornwall in early December. I felt truly welcomed by the people and the elements, the land, sea, sun, and wind. I felt home. I felt I could make roots here in Cornwall, and really I felt it in a way that I knew we would make that choice. I had not felt that way any other place we traveled. We settled into our new temporary home. I continued to feel my heart open, especially when I was on the beach there. It is a cove. When the tide comes in, it is possible that the sea comes right up to the rocks. So it’s energy remains very pristine. And I feel this ability to connect in that space in a different way. I feel like I can just keep opening there, keep unfolding, going both deeper into my being and also expanding the levels outward. It feels unlimited. I feel unlimited.

At the end of January, I was on the beach feeling the energies, and I recognized a familiar feeling. I was breathing in the energies in a different way, anchoring them within me may be appropriate words, or becoming one with them. It is interesting to try to put words to an experience really. Anyway, as I noticed what I was doing, I did have the thought for the first time really that maybe we would not be staying in Cornwall long-term after all. I just noticed the thought. And then I began to notice I was no longer interested in looking at properties to buy or rent in Cornwall. And then, I heard my words change. I had been telling people if they wanted to visit us in Cornwall, it didn’t matter when they came. If it was before June 4, we would be at Pagoda Drive. If it was after, it would be a new home, but with what Rick knew he wanted, it would be big enough to accommodate guests easily. But when my Mom called to ask about coming to visit, I heard myself say that if she wanted to experience Cornwall, it was best to come before June 4.

Just as I notice what other people hold by what they actually say when they are not thinking or trying, I have long noticed the same in myself. So I was aware something had shifted in me. And right at this time, I received an E-mail from a friend who had recently purchased a property in Glastonbury, and sensed Richard and I may be connected to what he wants to create. The property is on the Tor. The intention is to work very directly with crystal energy and portals, Magdalene energy, and to create a healing/meditation center, a place to accelerate personal growth with ease. I cannot say this would be a shift in focus. I feel it more as a bringing in a focus we have been asking for. I noticed it felt a “little scary.” Or, I noticed it would be a place that would allow the teacher / healer / leader aspects of me to start to open. So, it has potential. And that feels like such an understatement, but last month I was certain we would be building or buying in Cornwall.