Archangel Michael – 06/29/2011

“Specifically there is a crystal, a vast crystal that was held in the Temple of Divine Feminine Healing in Atlantis. It was a beautiful crystalline white and pink temple with (something) of gold and of silver. In this temple, there were many priests and priestesses. They were both connected to and worshiped the Divine Feminine, anchored it into this earth plane for, before the fall of consciousness, it was all flowing in a balance.

“You, in one of your incarnations towards the end of Atlantis, came in with a very specific mission to hold, with 15 others, a space of connection into a geometry of 16 points across this crystal, activating and holding in its space, light codes and frequencies that would be aligned with the colors and magnetics of the possibilities of re-envisioning new geometries and grid structures for this planet, anticipating the fall and the ascension even in those times.

“The first point I will mention is in Belgium, a city called Antwerp. There is a point of reference in that location related to the divine feminine which has also been a point of reference in the times of the fall of consciousness when priests, nuns, and monks, held a space that was anchored by Mary Magdalene, and spread into this location. There is a connection point to the energetics there that will bring you into alignment with the crystal that I have mentioned earlier.”

I followed this crystal adventure to Arkansas, to Sedona, and then to Egypt. The physical trips to Arkansas and Sedona were extraordinary in the synchronicities and the connection to the crystals. (The crystals were in the Earth. I could not see, but I could feel them.)  This is another piece that has been in my awareness, but not fully understood.

Just a week back, I found myself looking at our time schedule in leaving Glastonbury, spending some time in the states, and then what? If our Portugal home is not sold, I would like to spend some time out there just to put some energy in the home really. It has been empty too long. I was originally thinking about taking a train and stopping along some places in Europe. But as I felt into it, I found myself going back to that reading from 2011, when in some ways, my new life began.

All I can say is I “feel” when I feel into this crystal. I still feel it. It is connected to my heart, as I found in Sedona. That was such a powerful experience, but I did not know what else to do with it. There is a deep longing connected with this. As I read this piece on Antwerp, I see it was the strongest of the five locations that were offered. I don’t know why I did not follow up on it all these years. All I can say is it must not have been time because there was not energy behind it. Now there is energy behind both this one and Amsterdam. Stonehenge was the fifth place offered, and I am aware in this moment that we have a semi-private session scheduled there, where we can go inside the stones, on the full moon in June.

There is a part of me that knows this next piece with the crystal is ready to open. I do not have fuller access to what that may mean. I will guess that I needed to step into this more conscious knowing of my own essence before I could access this crystal knowledge more. I am excited!!

I spoke a little bit of this to a friend. She immediately saw a grid, it turned on a grid when each piece was activated. I had totally forgotten that piece, until I just reread it now. Yes, it is about turning on a grid. Is it related to the Kryon grid? Is it related to the Magdalene grid Catherine Ann Clemett is bringing in? Maybe those are not helpful questions. I think the question is – how can I use this power to create what I am beginning to see? Can I / we create an environment that will allow people to choose to step out of separation more easily?  What if a more stable energy is possible so that when a person gets to a new level, there is not such a tendency to fall back into old patterns, and then energies?

I spent a day tackling invoices for our company, on our partner’s system. I got a lot done and organized. I made some mistakes along the way that I have to go back and fix. I have some questions I need answered to set it up how our partner would like it to be. But I honestly needed to just jump in and do it. It is going to be the same with turning on my memory of what we created this crystal to do. I will have to be willing to play with it, to try something. I will have to be willing to ask questions. I know I can trust my integrity. I know I am in alignment with my own knowing. I cannot be swayed, for I can now see it, see me. I am willing to stand in my power, to be this power now. Therefore, I am willing to use a tool that is intended to be powerful. I know my wisdom. I trust my knowing. And I am just excited as this knowledge that I hold becomes readily accessible once again. I love how every experience I have is giving me another success to draw upon for the next level that I open. Haha … now I get why the younger generation is going to find this so much easier – they already get these concepts in the video games they play. I could hear that in my choice of words.

I had a Reiki session at the end of last week. It was when all this was opening. Maybe that is what sparked this surge in sight and energy, and desire to write this out.

She shared with me after the session what she saw, what she did, and what she knows about it. I will just share a part of it here. These are her words.

You now have the master crystal that is now going to activate you, yourself, but also will activate all the other crystals. It is the master key.

When I was working, I felt something coming down. I asked what it was. They showed me, and said, “Here it is, just put it into Marybeth.”

It wasn’t clear quartz. It wasn’t a smoky quartz. It was a quartz-like, faceted, beautiful, big, huge crystal, massive. It had a luminescence. It was translucent, and had a rainbow-esque quality to it. Looking at it from different angles, you would get a sheen or an aura in it, like a bubble. It had that nature in it.

Its sole purpose is for you to give it a home so that you can literally activate the rest of the crystals. It is as simple as that. You will not have to actually physically be present to each crystal to activate it.

You need to meditate on it, connect with it, so that you can feel it.

The overriding thing I felt was absolute love. That is the absolute essence. You know this. You are not wrong in your beliefs. It is about that love, that core essence of, not just who you are, but radiating out from that profoundly on this earth plane. It really has that huge of a magnitude. You are absolutely right. Your integrity is bang-on.

Humanity is not ready yet for what you are holding, bringing in here. That is why no one can hear you. Your work is really holding it, really generating it. So, yes, it is not about what happens right now. You genuinely mean it is okay as it is.

You see what is playing out on the stage, what everyone can see. You seeing behind the scenes. You are seeing the preparation before. You are writing the play. You see all the pieces.

The work now is getting the love clean, and holding it with stability.

The preparation is turning on the crystals. That is the protection that will allow the love to manifest and not be tainted again. That is your homework.

Turn the crystals on that you know need to be turned on, so, like you are being held, like you are being protected, that love can be held and protected. It goes right from the Earth’s core right out into the universe and beyond. It is that huge.