This is a preface to the next couple posts I believe I will write.

I find I am speaking in a way I do not think I have before. I hear myself in a new way when I speak again. Yet, Saturday I found myself writing all day, and at the end of the day, after writing much of it was basically out, it felt quite natural and normal. Yet, I was reminded, so I will say something I have not said in a long time.

If you are reading this, just know you are right where you belong. This is not separate from you – unless you want it to be. This is you. Part of you knows this. Allow the parts that do not know to not know. Much is changing. If you read quotes that were said to me and you feel they are yours, write you name in place of mine and know it was meant specifically for you.

Saturday I found myself doing a review of the last month, and where I am now. Much that I was reaching for has landed and opened / evolved. That is wow in itself. How long have I been calling for these pieces?! Yet, it just is. I am in a space yet again where I know what I write is not yet cohesive. But I feel a drive to get it out now, and I am taking action. The following pieces I write are not really separate topics, but I am going to write them that way. I liked that last post I wrote where there was a lot I saw, but it was quite concise. This, every thought I have branches into several other paths, which come back and touch on other pieces, and add to what I just saw a moment before. Linear is yet more comfortable than multi-dimensional – especially when sharing.

I have two days before we go on our trip to Rome, Greece, Malta, and Italy. I have lots to get done on the physical level before we go. Yet I know I am going to get “caught up” on all these pieces that are spilling out. This is my déjà vu. I had this happen, also unplanned by me at this level of thought, one time before. I think it was before I flew to the UK the first time, but it might have been before the first Egypt trip. This shows me the power in this upcoming trip for me. It is known in my being at levels I do not comprehend, yet I am able to know them more deeply because I observe what I am feeling and now doing. Nothing new here, just a continuation of it evolving!!

I don’t want to follow too many of these thoughts out, just one more observation. I noticed this feels like a new beginning again. I noticed I have seen this several times, and felt / known this several times lately – even in really little things. I have yet to really understand and make usable Numerology, yet I know I have been in 9 energy, or completion energy for quite some time, as an overriding energy, an overlay. Lately I have noticed a shift to 10 energy, just simply I am noticing the number 10, where I used to notice the number 9. I looked up the meaning of 10 in Numerology. There are too many resonances. I don’t want to put my time there right now. But it also comes to mind that there is a book where the author channeled Vywamus called Scopes of Dimensions, with the first dimension being completion, and the second being new beginning.

One more – the book is about experiencing multi-dimensional reality. I see the layers within the layers of creation here on the Earth as similar to the cycles that lie within cycles that Astrology or the Mayan calendar or the Native American teachings work with and show. This movement from a 9 to a 10 energy is one of the larger cycles. I am much more use to watching the different playouts of energy in specific experiences we have, or specific creations I am bringing in. Kind of fun to recognize this!