We had a friend reach out recently with financial woes. We met with him to get a feel for the big picture, not knowing how we might assist but we had offered and he said yes. The first meeting was putting everything on the table, many years and several businesses back. As usual, most of the beginning talk was about not knowing what he wanted. But there were nuggets every once in a while, a spark of energy, a twinkle in the eye. And we would point down that road as far as it took us. Lots of options were discussed. None were “it.”  Eventually, there came a moment when he stated clearly what he wanted. Magical moment. I simply said: Did you hear what you just said?

Each of us really does know what we want. Sometimes there is so much stuff in the way we have to walk all the way around to find it.

I don’t remember how that meeting ended really. But at some point, there was an investor in the picture that if he came through, everything would be settled and then our friend could move forward from there, with no big disruptions or changes. First it sounded imminent, but then it dragged out and eventually we received word it did not go through. The message we got was something like – “now big decisions need to be made this week.” Did I say there was a pretty tight time constraint to get things in order??

We offered to meet via Zoom to brainstorm, hold a space where ideas could land again. Both Rick and I reached out with words to him. I spoke to Rick in this time and told him how I directed the energy available to me, and I stated I wanted to be able to turn this around, achieve a good result. I wasn’t just practicing. This mattered. I wanted proof that what I and we are creating for ourselves can really affect others. Our friend did then respond and said he would really appreciate a Zoom meeting.

Before we could meet for the brainstorming session, he called to tell us what had transpired in the last two days since the investor said no. He made decisions that correlated to what we/he discovered at the first meeting that he really wanted and he initiated those pieces. He has a new investor putting money in today. He has two more investors looking to put larger sums in. And at one point he said, “… and fifth good thing that happened, or is it the sixth? Look how much good there is! I can’t even keep track of it all.”

The momentum has totally shifted. I will suggest that holding the space of moving forward while the transition was happening between the original potential investor and what was possible in a bigger picture allowed it to come through with such speed and ease. He did not get caught up in the “reality” of the situation of the investment that would make everything work falling through.

Did I get what I wanted? Did I, with Rick, make a difference for our friend? This is one of those situations where, in itself, I could not say so, but it continues to happen to everything I / we touch. This is not the first time I was able to make a change in something I put my attention on, where before I could speak to the person, the situation shifted itself, exactly where I would have directed it. With this one, I did not need to see the details even. Some of you might remember a couple years back when I did see that ability for the first time. I do enjoy the evolution, and consciously seeing it.

I love that we can make a difference in each other’s lives. I am starting to believe, more and deeper.