A book called the Atlantean Secrets took me into the deep Underworlds or the Inner Earth or whatever an appropriate label is a few days back. It was into the magnificence and the beauty within the Earth. The next day when I was meditating, I cannot say I did it, but I tangibly felt it was possible for me to travel into the Earth and to drink of the waters of life and to actually feel it in my physical cells upon my return. Now, I have heard this spoken many times in many ways before. It is surely not a new concept. Yet there was a difference in that meditation that I could feel.

Later that morning I went to a session I had scheduled with a magnificent energy worker here in Glastonbury. As she started feeling the energy, doing her thing, she explained about a crystal box with a golden handle she was given and asked to open. And then she started laughing and told me how much she enjoys working with me because she has such new experiences! And she shared that within the crystal box held, of course, the Elixir of Life, and, of course, she was to massage it into my body. It was given to her in such a light way as to feel ordinary or familiar, but she was also very aware how extraordinary that was. At that point I remembered my meditation from earlier that day and, yes, very much noticed the synchronicity. It was a another powerful initiation. I have received several from her already.